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Updated by Mark Gibbons on Oct 30, 2015
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Top Tips for Avoiding Burglary on Halloween and Bonfire Night

The loud noise and activity of fireworks, the distraction of fancy dress and the evening darkness, make Halloween and Bonfire night an especially easy time for committing burglary and vandalism. Whether you leave the house or stay inside for these events, take notes of these tips to make sure you stay protected against theft and keep your valuables safe:


Lock doors and windows

Even if you’re just quickly popping out or usually leave the back door open for visitors, don’t make it easy for your possessions to be stolen at these more vulnerable times. Make sure your doors and windows are locked!


Maximise security

Maximise security

If your doors have multiple locks and bolts, use them. Check that windows and doors are in good condition and strong to resist break in, and that you have suitable locking systems to secure them. There are a range of anti-snap locks available which offer enforced security and can be fitted to maximise protection on any door. #security #locks


Make it look like you’re home

If you’ll be out on Halloween or Bonfire Night, give the impression that someone is in by leaving the TV or radio on, and a few lights. To save on bills you can use a timer for the lights or use eco-bulbs.


Be street smart

It’s best to avoid telling strangers who know your address, such as delivery men, that you’ll be off to a party or fireworks display, and the house will be empty during this time.


Keep keys safe!

Move house and car keys away from your front door as these can be hooked out by thieves. Also keep them out of obvious places, like under the door mat.


Fend off burglars with CCTV

CCTV systems are one of the best external security options for deterring burglars and effectively alert neighbours if a break in does occur.


If you’re inside?

Even if you’re staying in, your valuables are vulnerable to theft. Those having a Halloween party or bonfire display, should avoid putting a sign on the front door telling guests to ‘go round the back’. It’s best to also not have music too loud, as burglars can take advantage of the additional noise and distraction.


Remember your car

Avoid leaving any valuables in your car, and if you take them inside the house, keep them somewhere safe and out of sight. If you’ve got a garage or secure parking place, your car will be less vulnerable to any malicious damage.