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Updated by Binoy Abeywickrama on Oct 28, 2015
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Tips for a stress-free beach vacation in Sri Lanka

A beach vacation in Sri Lanka is supposed to be relaxing - soaking under the sun and a stroll on the sandy beach, sipping something cool by the poolside. However, vacations, without doubt become just another source of stress. If you're feeling anxious about an upcoming trip, melt it away with these tips:


Plan it ahead

When holidaying with a group, plan accommodations, travel and excursions in advance, to ensure everyone's expectations are met and there are no disappointments. It's best to discuss expectations before you go, as you may have different needs than others.


Stick to a budget

Figure out how much you want to spend as a group or as individuals for your vacation to abolish unwanted stress on the trip. This will prevent you from spending more than you can afford, while also letting you plan the number of times you can eat out at ease, enjoy drinks or go on excursions.


Allocate time to wind down

After arriving at your destination, it can take up to three days – depending on where you’re travelling from, to drop the stress of and reach the state of relaxation. Be sure to save an opportunity for some down time when scheduling vacation activities.


Experiment new things

Relax yourself mentally and physically while you are away. Do something that is pleasurable and letting yourself explore new places, or activities even if it's a short walk down the beach, a bike tour, or surfing.


Commit to refueling

Once you are out of your regular routine and don't always know when and where your next meal will be, it is particularly important to make sure that you be hydrated and keep your blood sugar at a satisfactory level. Bring along a water bottle and some juice bottles, power bars or fruit and nuts to refill energy during vacation activities. This will make a massive difference in keeping your stress levels down while it will raise and maintain your sense of well-being.



In order to have a stress-free vacation, you must be able to relax. Letting go of what you can’t control and going with the flow will ensure you enjoy your trip and keep the stress levels low by having a broadminded perspective, disconnecting from the reality of troubles, and not fretting over the small things. A stress-free vacation is possible. Just relax, rent yourself one of the luxury apartments in Sri Lanka, allow yourself go with the flow, and have fun.