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Top 5 Attractions in Bali Benoa - Explore Bali Benoa's Five Best Highlights

Tipped to be one of the most popular tourist hubs in the holiday island Tanjung Benoa is an intriguing area of Bali. From ancient temples to stunning beaches here are some of its top highlights.


Caow Eng Bio

As one of the most iconic sacred spaces in Bali Benoa the Klenteng Caow Eng Bio which is also known as the Caow Eng Bio Chinese Temple is no ordinary religious institution in the area. As one of the oldest Chinese religious edifices in the region the venue resembles a Chinese temple more than an ancient Buddhist shrine. The only Buddhist feature in the complex is the Maha Cetya or "Buddha Room" which is located to the left of the main structure. The main attraction at the Caow Eng Bio Chinese Temple is of course its central hall where figures of several gods and goddesses are placed on an alter. The right side of the temple contains a small kitchen as well as a another hall for public use. Several inscriptions in both Indonesian and Chinese are visible on wooden plaques around the complex which comes alive during Vesak and Chinese New Year celebrations each year.


Tanjung Benoa Beach

Perhaps Bali Benoa's most documented feature, the Tanjung Benoa Beach is a one of a kind scenic hideaway for beach lovers exploring Bali Island. Virtually invisible from the roadside the sandy beach of Tanjung Benoa is a resort hub and a premier recreational space for the masses. Littered some of the best family accommodation Bali has to offer the beach is within a stone's throw of the Holiday Inn Resort Bali Benoa, Lined with restaurants, cafes and local markets the beach is a preferred haunt for water sports enthusiasts. Ideal for swimming activities the calm waters of the Tanjung Benoa Beach make it a favourite hangout spot for locals and tourists alike.


Pura Desa lan Puseh

With its name denoting "village and main temple" the temple structure known as Pura Desa lan Puseh is located at a tiny junction shaded by a tall banyan tree. Serving as the central village temple, the ancient edifice is a cultural icon in the area as the Pura Desa lan Puseh hosts countless religious ceremonies throughout the calendar year often with the participation of the entire village. Most of the festivities conducted at Pura Desa lan Puseh are to invoke blessings of fertility and general prosperity. Praying to a Balinese mythical figure named Barong is also a common practice at the venue.


Fishing Village

Occupying the northern tip of Bali Benoa, the fishing village is another attraction visitors must visit on a tour of Bali. Offering tourists a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of high end Tanjung Benoa the quaint and tranquil fishing village offers a pastoral setting where marine recreational activities and other water sports can be enjoyed. Visitors must stopover at the village market or Pasar Desa Pakraman where the day's catch is on sale.


Pura Dalem Ning lan Taman Beji

As a temple with connections to the Pura Taman Beji and Pemecutan royal families the Pura Dalem Ning lan Taman Beji is another must-explore highlight in Bali Benoa. As a place where devotees come to pray to the sandalwood deity figures known as "pretimas" the temple is one of the few religious institutions in the area which allows people of several faiths to pray at the venue.