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The Rules of Pool

The Rules. With due credit and respect to the Velominati list, I don’t see any better way of duplicating 4 out of 5 of their first five rules. (Inspiration and source:
Rules may be added, deleted, or re-worded with adequate discussion and review.

Please propose additions, deletions, or clarifications as you see fit.


Rule #1. Obey the rules.


Rule #2. Lead by example.


Rule #3. Guide the uninitiated.


Rule #4. If you place your chalk on the table, blue side up.

Rule #4. If you place your chalk on the table, blue side up.

We’re not animals here.

By learning, practicing, and competing will make you a better player. (NSFW: Language )


Rule #6. Competing isn’t practicing. Practicing isn’t competing.

If you want to improve, have a purpose every time you screw your cue together.


Rule #7. Thou shalt never steal another players cue, case, or other equipment.


Rule #8. Call fouls on yourself regardless of what is at stake.

Fess up and give ball in hand to your opponent when you know you've erred. Demonstrate that you're an honorable foe. (added "regardless of what is at stake" via TCo. Re: SVB at US Open ending his run at four in a row)


Rule #9. Matching up smart (stealing) for small stakes is encouraged.

Deceptive behavior to win large amounts is dangerous and bad for pool.


Rule #10. Post up. Always.

Rule #10. Post up. Always.

Rule #11. Don’t leave ‘em hanging.

Rule #11. Don’t leave ‘em hanging.

Be aware of teammates holding up a palm or fist for a hive-five or fist-bump.


Rule #12. In a tournament, be on time for your match.

Also, keep an ear out for your name when the tournament director announces matches. When the match is completed, tell the tournament director the results swiftly so he or she can call the next match on your table.


Rule #13. DON’T screw your jump cue together until it’s needed. C’mon!


Rule #14. Better equipment doesn’t replace skill.

AKA, you can’t buy a better game. See rule #5.


Rule #15. If you are not shooting, it is best to have a seat in a chair.


Rule #16. Embrace the oxford comma.

Rule #16. Embrace the oxford comma.

Rule #17. Celebrate your wins and share the good news, but never forget to mention a handicap was in place if applica...


Rule #18. It’s called cloth, not felt.

Rule #18. It’s called cloth, not felt.

Rule #19. Win or lose, shake hands after a match.

Or a fist bump if you are sufficiently acquainted with said opponent. Euro hand clasp also acceptable if you’ve matched up more than ten times. See rule 11.


Rule #20. Dress appropriately whilst competing.

Rule #20. Dress appropriately whilst competing.

Remember that you are part of the image of pool.


Rule #21. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.


Rule #22. Never, ever allow red or black cloth to be installed on your home table.

Rule #22. Never, ever allow red or black cloth to be installed on your home table.

Stick to the greens and blues near the top of the Simonis catalog. Camel or tan is acceptable if divorce is the only other course of action.


Rule # 23. Treat the T.D. with respect and gratitude.

Tipping after a decent win is always appreciated.


Rule #24. Encourage all lower skilled players in a supportive and friendly manner.

Remember, you once played at that level too.


Rule #25. Learn to kick properly.