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Outdoor Activities in Maldives, attractions for the visitor

The beautiful Maldive Islands are renowned for their splendid natural attractions which offer many delightful experiences for visitors. Some of these enjoyable outdoor activities are listed below.



The Maldives is renowned for its shimmering clear ocean waters which are an ideal environment for snorkelling. The remarkable treasures of nature that you will have the opportunity to encounter make snorkelling in the Maldives a truly sensational experience. Within the local waters you will find beautiful coral reefs that always make a captivating sight. Snorkelers will also have the pleasure of observing a host of different marine creatures including tuna, dogtooth tuna, jacks, trevallys, sweetlips, octopus, butterfly fish, fusiliers and wahoo. Other fascinating marine denizens to be seen in local waters include such creatures as Napoleon wrasse, turtles, sharks, anemones, rays and eels.



These islands are rightfully famed for the splendid opportunities they offer for scuba diving. Within the local waters you will find a host of attractive features that will appeal to the avid diver. Naturally the diverse variety of marine creatures and picturesque coral reefs will contribute to a satisfying diving experience. Within local waters you will encounter various channels where you will come across overhangs and caverns which are filled with soft corals, sponges, gorgonian fans and other invertebrates which thrive in the nutrient-filled waters. The Maldives is also well-known for the numerous shipwrecks that may be found in its waters, creating splendid attractions for adventurous divers.



The capital of the Maldives, Male offers a number of interesting sightseeing attractions for the visitor. An excellent place to commence your sightseeing tour would be the impressive Grand Friday Mosque, the largest place of worship in the islands. This splendid mosque features a handsome prayer hall with carved panels, large chandeliers and a fine carpet. Another place of interest is the National Museum, which contains many intriguing artefacts relating to the history of the islands. Visitors should also make it a point to visit Hukuru Miskiiy, the most ancient mosque in the islands which has been constructed in attractive coral stone.


Whale submarine

If you are not a diver and yet would like to observe the enthralling scene to be found beneath the waters, an excellent choice would be to take a ride in the Whale Submarine. Although the name of the submarine is somewhat misleading, as it is not used for watching whales, it will provide visitors with a splendid experience of the undersea world in the Maldivian waters. It provides an intriguing glimpse into the environment of a typical Maldivian underwater reef, with its many kinds of inhabitants. As you enjoy these outdoor activities, an excellent Maldives beach resort at which to stay would be the PER AQUUM Niyama, an attractive resort with fine accommodations located in an appealing setting.


Dhoni cruise

In order to explore and experience the many beautiful sights of the Maldive Islands, an excellent choice would be to take a fascinating cruise on a dhoni, a traditional local vessel that makes an excellent sightseeing craft. On this enjoyable dhoni cruise you will encounter lovely islands, secluded beaches, isolated fishing villages and many other captivating sights. On your trip you will have the opportunity to swim or snorkel in enchanting surroundings and enjoy in full the magnificent natural scenery of these magical islands. Visitors will be refreshed by the delightful sea breezes as they take advantage of the many alluring moments that they can capture on camera as a record of this enjoyable excursion.