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Updated by Empower Energy on Oct 23, 2015
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The Biggest Benefits of Destratification Fans

Getting the heating just right in the workplace can be a real nightmare. Trying to heat a large room with a high ceiling can be extremely difficult in particular and maintaining the same level of heat can require the use of a lot of energy. Destratification fans can be the answer to maintaining temperature and have a number of important benefits:


Minimal maintenance needed

Destratification fans need very little maintenance after they are installed, so businesses need not worry about repair and maintenance costs at regular intervals.


Destratification fans can work alongside all types of HVAC equipment

Destratification fans are well suited to all heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. By circulating air and maintaining a consistent temperature in a building, destratification fans actually prevent HVAC equipment from having to work so hard, reducing wear and tear and saving money on maintenance and repair costs.


The rate of investment can be fast

The rate of investment can be fast

In many cases, the rate of investment for destratification fans can be as fast as 24 months and in some cases, as fast as 12 months. This ROI would suggest that destratification systems are an investment well worth making.


Destratification reduces carbon emissions

Destratification reduces carbon emissions

By investing in destratification fans, businesses can stand to reduce their carbon footprint considerably, cutting carbon emissions by between 20% and 50% in many cases. As many people are increasingly concerned with being as environmentally as possible, investing in a destratification can help businesses to present themselves as green to customers and clients.


Heat from machinery, light and heat gain is recycled

Destratification fans circulate all air, so heat emitted from any machinery such as computers, or lights are recycled, so heaters don’t have to work as hard.


They reduce heating and air conditioning costs

They reduce heating and air conditioning costs

In most businesses, heating and air conditioning costs can account for more than 50% of a buildings overall energy use. As heat rises naturally, the heating is often turned up to a higher level to try and combat this, which can make the workplace quite stuffy and uncomfortable, in which case, air conditioning may be used to try and regulate this heat. By installing destratification fans to circulate hair and maintain an even temperature, businesses can stand to reduce heating costs by 20%-50%.

They maintain temperature for an optimum working or retail environment

For spacious work places with high ceilings, getting the right room temperature for the working or retail environment can be a difficult task as hot air rises and accumulates at the ceiling, creating layers of air at different temperatures where temperature can vary by as much as 10°c, over only a few metres. This is what’s known as thermal stratification. Destratification fans essentially reverse this process by preventing hot air from rising and recirculating it down to the floor level where it is needed, creating a much more comfortable environment.