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Updated by Anndi Sheppard on Oct 23, 2015
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5 Reasons you need to service your car

Your car is one of your most important and costly purchases. Although we may buy cars for different reasons, there is something that we all want- a car that is reliable and runs well. Everyone knows that you should service your car regularly, but do you know just how important servicing is? If you are not convinced, here are the top reasons for making sure you service your vehicle.


It will save you money

They say that prevention is better than cure and this is very true of car ownership. Whether it is a full service or an interim one, there are a number of areas a mechanic will be looking at. These include the main parts of the vehicle such as the engine, the fuel, the electrical system, the steering and the suspension, the exhaust, the wheels and the tyres, and the brakes.

By making a thorough check of these points and replacing anything that is worn or no longer efficient there are far fewer chances of things going wrong with your vehicle. For example, an air filter change will ensure that the filter is not clogged up with the dust and debris that it collects. Keeping a simple air filter fully functional ensures that ultimately the engine is not damaged- a very expensive repair.


It will make you money

When you are looking to buy a car and you have the choice of one with a full service history (FSH) or one with no details of servicing in the log book, which would you choose? Precisely! A FSH indicates that the car has been looked after, that the owner has taken the time to make sure it is kept in the best possible condition. Ultimately people will pay a little more for a car with a FSH. If you are selling your car and can provide the evidence that the vehicle has been serviced on a regular basis, you will get a better price, and a lot less questions from potential buyers.


It will make your car last longer

A car that is looked after will last longer. This is of course particularly useful if you are planning to keep it for a number of years.


Manufacturers warranty

The makers of all new cars will provide a warranty. This will cover you for a set number of miles, or three years. The cover will be against defects that could cause the car to malfunction and any replacement or repair will be dome to rectify the fault at no cost to you. There are also extended warranties that can provide similar cover for a number of extra years (at a cost). What is essential to be able to make any claim through a warranty however is that it is a requirement of any reputable warranty, that the car is regularly serviced. So, servicing is vital. With no regular servicing your warranty will be invalidated and will be of no use to you.


It will give you peace of mind

It will give you peace of mind

Safety is paramount. Your car needs to be something you rely on to get you safely from A to B. You will have peace of mind in your travels if you know that everything working in the car has been checked or replaced where needed recently.