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HPC 13




The Chesapeake Large-Scale Analytics Conference (CLSAC) is a conference organized by the Association for High Speed Computing that brings together experts from industry, academic, and government institutions to discuss current and future challenges for data analytics.

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Context Relevant

Context Relevant - State-of-the-art Predictive Data Analytics. We focus machine learning tools on hard, real-world datasets, enabling customers to deploy data-driven answers - and the reasoning behind those answers - in every aspect of their business. Context Relevant eliminates drudgery from analytics by automating predictive model creation.

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Boise State University High Performance Computing

The Vice President of Research has provided a High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster available for use by Boise State researchers. The 16 node GPU cluster is physically located at the computing facilities of INL in the Idaho Falls location.

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DiRAC (Distributed Research utilising Advanced Computing) is the integrated supercomputing facility for theoretical modelling and HPC-based research in particle physics, astronomy and cosmology, areas in which the UK is world-leading. In December 2009 the new STFC Facility, DiRAC was established to provide distributed High Performance Computing (HPC) services. HPC-based modelling is an essential tool for the exploitation of observational and experimental facilities in astronomy and particle physics, as this technology allows scientists to test their theories and run simulations from the data gathered in experiments. The UK has an extremely strong HPC community and these powerful computing facilities allows the UK science community to pursue cutting-edge research on a broad range of topics, from simulating the entire evolution of the universe, from the big bang to the present, to modelling the fundamental structure of matter. DiRAC is both an academic-led and academic supervised Facility, which allowed the systems to be designed specifically around the different high performance computational needs within this scientific community.

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Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, a business segment of Curtiss-Wright Corporation, is an industry-leading supplier of highly engineered commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) module and system-level products designed for deployment in the harsh environments typical of aerospace, defense and industrial applications. We are recognized around the world as one of the most innovative designers and manufacturers of rugged solutions, built from the ground up, that deliver optimal and reliable performance at sea, on the ground, in the air and in space. Our expansive range of industry-leading products includes boards & subsystems, flight test & avionics, aiming & stabilization, shipboard helicopter handling, and instrumentation & control systems.

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Flanders ExaScience Lab

The Exascience Lab researches the application of High Performance Computing (or HPC) to problems in the life sciences and industries. It is a collaboration between members from the pharmaceutical industry, the technology industry, and the research sector. The research of the lab spans from applications and algorithms, across software, to the impact of new HPC hardware.

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Imperial College London HPC

The HPC facility at Imperial supports hundreds of professors, senior researchers and PhD and Masters students in making important advances in areas from aeronautics to clinical science. The facility is also used by many of College's multidisciplinary centres for research, including the Applied Modelling and Computation Group, Centre for Computation Methods in Science and Engineering, The Thomas Young Centre and the London Centre for Nanotechnology. To grow the capability of this valuable research and teaching supercomputing resource, Imperial has committed significant capital investment over coming years to continuously develop HPC hardware, in addition to funding for support, running costs and training. The vision for substantial expansion of Imperial's supercomputing facilities is to achieve a Tier 2 capability, normally considered a regional scale one level higher than what is expected of local institutional facilities.

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NDEMC - National Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Consortium

The NDEMC’s main purpose is to pilot programs that promote adoption and advancement of modeling and simulation (MS&A) and high performance computing (HPC) among small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMEs) in the United States. The network of OEMs, manufacturers, solution providers, and collaborators that make up the NDEMC will result in accelerated innovation through a powerful collaborative ecosystem of like-minded organizations.

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NSCC-TJ National Supercomputing Center in Tianjin

National Supercomputing Center, Tianjin (NSCC-TJ) is the National Science and Technology in May 2009 formally approved the construction by the State Science and Technology, Tianjin. Primary business computer in NSCC-TJ is one of the fastest speed in the current world of "TH-1A" supercomputer, is a major project by the Ministry of science and technology 863 plan "quadrillion times high performance computer system" support from National University of Defense technology developed jointly with the Binhai New area in September 2010.

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UNLV National Supercomputing Center

The UNLV National Supercomputing Center (formally the National Supercomputing Center For Energy and the Environment) is a full-service supercomputing facility with on-site and off-site user training, national network accessibility and a mission for excellence in education and research in supercomputing and its applications. NSC provides supercomputing training and services to academic and research institutions, government and private industry for research and development related to energy, the environment, medical informatics, and health care delivery.

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PGS - Petroleum Geo-Services

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway with regional centers in London, Singapore and Houston, PGS creates high-resolution seismic maps and 3-dimensional (3D) models of the earth’s sub-surface, which oil and gas companies use to explore and produce offshore reserves worldwide. The new Cray XC40 supercomputer and Sonexion storage system will provide PGS with the advanced computational capabilities necessary to run highly-complex seismic processing and imaging applications.

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SC Conference Series Videos

The official YouTube channel for the SC conference series. We seek to promote the message of how HPC is making a profound impact on nearly every facet of our lives.

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University of Exeter HPC

The facility currently consists of an SGI Altix ICE 8200 with a peak performance of 22 TFlop/s that was last upgraded in August 2011. The supercomputer is a water-cooled distributed-memory compute cluster consisting of 160 nodes (1920 cores) with Infiniband interconnect between nodes. The machine is optimised for compute-intensive HPC rather than I/O intensive calculations. It uses the Linux operating system.

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HPC for Health

The HPC4Health's mission is to make high-performance computing accessible to health-care providers. Together we are building the engine that will help make personalized medicine and diagnostics a reality. From genomics to medical imaging, almost every discipline in health-care is dealing with a "Data Deluge" of information. Translating this into something that will ultimately benefit patients requires massive amounts of computation and storage in an environment that is fast, secure, and run with efficiency. HPC4Health is a consortium of health providers who are working together to build the next-generation of compute engine for clinical research.

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AHSC - Association for High Speed Computing

The Association for High Speed Computing is a 501(c)6, not-for-profit, professional association established to foster technical exchanges on issues that affect the high-performance computing community, including national laboratories, industry, universities, and other government agencies. Since 2010, the AHSC has hosted several successful conferences and workshops.

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PASC - Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing

Welcome to the Swiss Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing (PASC) - PASC is a structuring project jointly supported by the Swiss University Conference (SUC) and the Council of Federal Institutes of Technology (ETH Board). The platform’s overarching goal is to position Swiss computational sciences in the emerging exascale-era. PASC aims to promote joint effort to address key scientific issues in different domain sciences through interdisciplinary collaborations between domain scientists, computational scientists, software developers, computing centres and hardware developers. Thus, PASC builds on the principle of co-design, namely that software codes exploiting the potential of the next generation of computing architectures need to be jointly and interactively developed by these actors throughout the whole value chain. The PASC Conference is a leading event for researchers in computational science and high-performance computing.

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Monash University HPC

Researchers at Monash University can access a variety of High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities for simulation and data processing. The Monash eResearch Centre provides specialist expertise in all aspects of scientific computing, including simulation, data processing, visualisation, and cloud computing.

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2CRSI Corporation is your destination for storage systems, high-performance computing (HPC), and customized IT appliances. Our servers are designed and manufactured in France and assembled in both France and the US. Helping our customers and users to be most efficient, effective, and successful with their IT is our motivation. Managing giant quantities of data is nothing new for 2CRSI. High Performance Computing (HPC), including cloud computing, high-definition rendering, GPGPU-based computing, computing farms, flight simulators, and myriad other applications, is one of 2CRSI’s areas of specialization. We have extensive experience working with industries where the ability to quickly and efficiently manage enormous amounts of data while maintaining the highest degree of technological security is critical to survival and success.

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The Human Brain Project

Understanding the human brain is one of the greatest challenges facing 21st century science. If we can rise to the challenge, we can gain profound insights into what makes us human, develop new treatments for brain disease and build revolutionary new computing technologies. Today, for the first time, modern ICT has brought these goals within sight. The Human Brain Project is a European Commission Future and Emerging Technologies Flagship that aims to achieve a multi-level, integrated understanding of brain structure and function through the development and use of information and communication technologies (ICT). These technologies will enable large-scale collaboration and data sharing, reconstruction of the brain at different biological scales, federated analysis of clinical data to map diseases of the brain, and the development of brain-inspired computing systems.

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The main goal of HiPINEB workshops is to gather and discuss the latest and most prominent efforts and advances, both from industry and academia, in the design and development of scalable high-performance interconnection networks, especially those oriented towards meeting the Exascale challenge and Big-data demands.

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HPCA 2016

The International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture provides a high-quality forum for scientists and engineers to present their latest research findings in this rapidly-changing field.

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University of Miami CCS

The Center for Computational Science establishes nationally and internationally recognized research programs, focusing on those of an interdisciplinary nature actively engaged in research, to solve the complex technological problems of modern society. We provide a framework for promoting collaborative and multidisciplinary activities across the University and beyond, and we strive for excellence in research, teaching, and service, covering the fundamental, as well as applied, aspects of computational science. Advanced Computing offers a university wide resource that provides the University of Miami academic community comprehensive high performance computing (HPC) resources ranging from hardware infrastructure to expertise in designing and implementing HPC solutions.

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Boston University CCS

Boston University's Center for Computational Science supports collaborations across many different departments and colleges by connecting computational scientists from different areas, enabling the cross fertilization of new computational ideas and methodologies, and serving as a conduit for collaborations between experimental researchers who are synthesizing, characterizing and collecting real world data and computational researchers with expertise in model building, simulation and analysis.

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UC Berkeley AMPLab

The AMPLab is a five-year collaborative effort at UC Berkeley, involving students, researchers and faculty from a wide swath of computer science and data-intensive application domains to address the Big Data analytics problem. AMP stands for “Algorithms, Machines, and People”. AMPLab envisions a world where massive data, cloud computing, communication and people resources can be continually, flexibly and dynamically be brought to bear on a range of hard problems by people connected to the cloud via devices of increasing power and sophistication.

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Appairy Supercomputing

Founded in 2013, Appairy Supercomputing is a High-tech Canadian Company with a focus on developing next generation supercomputing servers and software solutions for the Commercial and Mobile Cloud Computing sectors. Appairy provides next level supercomputing performance through its compact ultra high-efficiency e Hive™ server and innovative Cloud Smart™ software and service solutions.

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