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5 Activities to Do in Muscat, interesting attractions for the visitor

The fascinating city of Muscat offers a host of activities that will draw the interest of the visitor. Irrespective of your age or preferences you will find much to do here, as listed below.



Visitors will find an array of interesting sights in Muscat that will draw the attention of the sightseer. The Grand Mosque is one of the Omani capital's most resplendent sights, awing the beholder with its splendid Islamic themed architecture and exquisite interiors. The Royal Opera House is another highlight in the city, featuring an elegantly simple exterior and a splendid interior with ornate wooden elements and intricate Arabesque motifs. Not to be missed is the Sultan's Palace, which presents a striking sight with its grand buildings and picturesque layout. Many visitors pose for photographs at this location which is inseparable from Muscat in the eyes of many


Shopping at Muttrah souq

No visit to Muscat would be complete without shopping at the captivating Muttrah souq. This vibrant marketplace can be considered to be a typical Middle Eastern market with a mesmerizing array of shops and boutiques. At this distinctive marketplace you will find a mind-boggling selection of merchandise including gold, antiques, textiles, hardware and much more. This is a good place for antique lovers to browse through as you will find an array of Omani as well as Indian articles that will draw the interest of the visitor. Naturally you should exercise due care in your purchases to make sure they are genuine and bargaining is highly recommended.


Take a dhow cruise

Visitors should definitely take the opportunity to experience the unique pleasure of cruising in the local waters in a dhow, a traditional Arabian sailing vessel. A cruise will take you around the city's picturesque coastline, allowing you to enjoy the sights of this engrossing metropolis. The dhow with its elegant proportions and billowing sails will take you around the local waters in comfort and satisfaction as you admire the sight of the local hills disappearing amidst the glorious sunset. A dhow cruise will enable visitors to admire Oman's lovely coastline and marvel at the combination of the modern and the traditional in this intriguing nation.


Dolphin watching

Anyone with an interest in these playful and intelligent marine mammals will be enthralled by the opportunity to go dolphin watching in the seas off Muscat. An exciting boat ride will take you out into the ocean where the dolphins roam and cavort, entertaining observers with their acrobatic movements. There are in fact many varieties of dolphins in Omani waters, but the ones you are most likely to see are common, bottlenose and spinner dolphins. As you enjoy these activities to be experienced in Oman, an excellent choice of accommodation would be a Muscat hotel such as the Al Falaj Hotel. This quality accommodation offers well-appointed rooms and courteous hospitality that will assure a pleasant stay.


Desert safari

Visitors to Muscat are sure to be enthralled by taking a desert safari in the local desert areas. Powerful four wheel drive vehicles will take you out into the sandy desert expanses, where you will encounter picturesque solitary landscapes. You will obtain an insight into the traditional lifestyle of the nomadic local Bedouins, who have lived in these areas for centuries. Another option would be to select a leisurely camel safari which will take you to secluded oases, picturesque wadis, huge sand dunes and traditional Bedouin settlements. You can even stay overnight in the company of a hospitable Bedouin family if you so desire.