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Content Marketing

A content marketing agency specializing in custom content solutions including print products, magazines, websites and interactive initiatives for some of the world’s premier brands

How to become a consultant

Becoming a freelance consultant has become a growing trend among those people who don't want to be caught in the 9 to 5 time schedule or rat race. The globalized world and technological revolution have made it possible for the free minded people to work according to their own terms. They bring their years of expertise and skills to become self employed consultants.

Unique Content Ideas that attract large Audience for your Blog

Generating content ideas for any traditional business is a daunting task. You need to come up with the right topic that satisfies the below criteria: It must be unique It should be relevant to your business Large number of people (your target audience or their internet acquaintances) are interested in it Think of a topic and do a Google search and you will be presented with hundreds of articles on the same.

How to identify the right objectives for your content marketing strategy

The most important part of a content marketing strategy is identifying and setting specific goals. Unless you know the purpose that your content is going to serve, it is just a random piece of information without much value. Just like setting targets for any other aspect of business, well-defined and measurable objectives are essential for judging the efficiency of your content.

Best Project Management platforms for your startup

In this globalized world, where every business needs proper planning, organizing and networking around the world, your business might need a makeover. The project management tools and platforms enable you to conduct your day to day business quite easily.

The importance of storytelling in content marketing - Sixpl Blog

The art of storytelling plays a major role in effective content marketing. Have you ever wondered why some advertisements left a deep impact on you? Or, is there any connection between your choice of a product and its advertisement? Every company is selling its products through storytelling, and we love stories, don't we?

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Step by step guide to develop content marketing strategy for your firm

Businesses strive to achieve specific goals for which they develop marketing strategies. Content is a useful medium to achieve these objectives. Content marketing is a cost effective medium to achieve these objectives. It not just helps save costs but also deliver higher Return on Investments.

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Why is content the most important element of digital marketing?

Content Marketing is a term that is frequently used by digital marketers. Every person involved with digital marketing in some way or the other often talks about content marketing. The manner in which the importance of content has grown in marketing makes it a curious case for in-depth analysis.

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Quick tips to create effective content that converts - Sixpl Blog

Good quality content is essential for communicating your products and services and generating business. It is therefore essential to have contents which are effective and help convert business ideas into revenue. Following certain practices and principles, this objective can be achieved.
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How to filter good content writers from the mediocre ones - Sixpl Blog

Content writers give voice to your digital marketing campaign and it is important that you identify and hire good content writers to achieve your goals. Hiring qualified and experienced writers is a challenging task given the unorganised format of the industry.