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What Difference Developers Can Notice Between Android Marshmallow And Lollipop While App Development?

New things for developers that they can use in android (Marshmallow) app development are explained in this story. Users can avail these features in Marshmallow and gain new experience while using their android device.

IOS 9 And Android 6.0- Comparing The Both Android And IPhone App Development OS

The latest android and iPhone app development updates are making respective users more engaged in a war that seems to be never ending. Developers need to consider the cons and pros of both of these operating systems, while users need to look at features while purchasing a new smartphone in the market.

Top 7 Productivity Apps Shared By Android Development Company

Developers love everything that enhances their productivity and this time, an android apps development company brings a list of productivity apps for them.

Does Your Hired Android App Developers’ Team Know About Outlook Update?

Since past few years, leading IT experts are focusing on bringing productivity apps to users across all the mobile platforms, including android and iOS. Companies that hire android app developers to avail most productive business applications are now seeking for such experts who have tried their hands on latest updates.

Most Popular Apps That Are Secretly Killing Your Smartphone Internet Plan

We know you are tired of trying every tip to save battery and every time you fail to do so. But we bet nobody has told you this before about a few applications that are secretly killing your data plan.....

Correct Approach To Outsource Android App Development Services

When you meet different android app development company owners, you will hear about their experiences, testimonials, worldwide clientele, and portfolio. But no one will going to tell you how to make a correct approach to outsource development services from offshore vendor....

Non-Technical Skills To Look For Before You Hire Android Developers

It can seem that the world and the internet are filled with places to hire Android developers. Visiting any freelancing site you can find number of developers boasting about their app development skills and offering their services for $5 per hour.

Android App Development Leverages Best Benefits For Users

Android app development has made business operations processing quite simple. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategies have also added fuel to the task.

Exploring Career Avenues As Android Developers In India

Exploring Career Avenues As Android Developers In India Android development is one of the most important genres of the software industry today. For android developers in India, it is an absolutely...

How to Implement TransitionDrawable in Android? – Part-2

TransitionDrawable is actually an extension of LayerDrawable, so rather to say it will transit between different images, we can say it will transit between layers.

Skills And Expertise Required By An Android Developer In India

Android is yet another marvel created by Google which is much loved by both the developers as well as users. It comes with great agility and flexibility which allows it to provide an array of functions. This helps in providing a versatile environment for the users.

Migrate from Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) to Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) in Android

Google Firebase is a platform providing cloud services for building mobile and web applications, and Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) is a part of it. FCM is the new version of Google Cloud Messaging

How To Use Fingerprint API In Android App Development?

In this guide, android app development India experts will explain the use of Fingerprint API in android development project. You can follow the steps shared by them in this post for best results.

Why Every Business Has Its Personal Android App Today?

Industrial surface in the Android app development offered facts which are between the past and recent needs. This is an open source which allows to the developers to have the edge and source platform for obtaining and providing edge over the plans for competitors.

How Is The Android Development In India?

The Indian software development infrastructure is a legacy system with few decades of software development.

A Glimpse Of Android Developers In India

In the year 2006, Mobile app development was not even known to software developers or software development companies. And as Android was born, people with multimedia background were given an opportunity to try their hands on software coding....

Implementing Material Design Components in Android

Material design has been introduced in Android 5.0. One can create good design in the app using material design. It is implemented using design library introduced by Google from Android. 5.0

All About Android Butter Knife

Android Butter Knife is an injection and reduction library created by Jake Wharton. Butter Knife is simple, small and lightweight which allows to perform injection.

Android App Development India - For Modernisation of Apps

Mobile phones were launched in India in the mid 90's with main manufacturers being Nokia, Siemen and Sony. Since its inception Nokia has ruled the market for decades but for ruling for longer periods one need to use the modern techniques....

Android Developers-For Developing India

India is the second largest populated country in the world. Due to its large population mobile phones are in great use and demands. Many mobile companies have made huge profits on their phones by launching them in India.

7 Android Finger Tips That Must Be Known

Android is the leader in smartphone. Since its launch it has taken the world of mobile phones by storm. Being owned by Google Android’s acceptance was overwhelming. All of us use Android phones but many of us don’t know many shortcuts and tips....

Android App Development - Important for your Business Growth?

App development in India is on high demand as the business industry has understood the importance of app. India has the second largest population in the world and the uses of mobile phones is therefore very high.....

Android And ArrayMaps – How Are They More Helpful Than HashMaps

This post will tell you about resolving issues related to memory for your android app development. Experts of android app development India will explain the use of ArrayMaps and how they are different from HashMap.

Android Tablets And Mobile Applications Are Taking Away The TV Audience

We can say that mobile and tablet applications have replaced the TV because in the research, it is found that people today spend minimum three hours every day on their mobile devices.

Concept and use of coordinator layout in Android

In this article, android developers India will explain the concept of Coordinator Layout and its use in detail. Coordinator layout is similar to Frame Layout yet its behavior attribute makes it different from other layouts.