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Updated by Chris Byers on Oct 16, 2015
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What are the Benefits of Foam Gasket Seals over Plastic and Rubber?

As a market leader for the manufacture of weather seals for the window industry, we are always looking for improved sealing solutions for UK manufacturers. We have found that foam gaskets and seals are a high performing alternative to using plastic and rubber materials, and are suitable for timber, aluminium and PVCu applications. Here are some of the benefits of foam based gaskets:




Due to the reduction of density in the foaming process, foam gaskets are lightweight and will not add bulk to molded or extruded parts. However, foam seals are still as strong and durable as their rubber and plastic alternatives.




The structure of the foam based seals make them much more flexible than rubber and plastic solutions. They will not rip after compression, aiding the smooth operation of windows or doors.


Higher Compression

Foam gaskets allow for more compression for tighter sealing, therefore improving the performance of products in the industry. #windows #UKmanufacturing



Foam gaskets have a closed cell structure, making them highly waterproof and resilient to varied weather conditions. The sealing will not crack in extreme hot or cold temperatures, which means they are a great choice for seals for windows and doors.


Thermal Performance

Thermal Performance

Because of their smaller pores restricting air flow, foam gasket seals are strong insulators, keeping in the warmth and the cold air out. This makes foam a better energy efficient sealing solution.


Acoustic Properties

Again foam gaskets and seals provide improved insulation, which also applies to the sound insulation of applications for windows and doors.


Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Foam gaskets require less energy than rubber and plastic sealants during manufacture. They are additionally recyclable as they can be reshaped and reused for other applications.




The foam seals can be made into varied thicknesses and can have different surface modifications, offering increased design solutions for many applications, as opposed to rubber and plastic seals.



Compared to regular products on the market, TPE foam gasket seals are more competitively priced, without compromising on value and performance for many applications in the window industry.