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Top 20 Geometry Dash Levels

This list only includes the official levels made by RobTop. This is MY Opinion.

#20 - Geometrical Dominator

This level sure looks great, but the level design is lacking. This level requires extreme reaction time, which guarantees you having to use practice mode. The neon section is a pretty good example of the minimal reaction time. The music isn't super interesting either. It is also one of the longest levels in the game. Sorry, but this level needs to place the lowest on this list.

#19 - Time Machine

I don't think anyone enjoyed this level. There are so many triple spikes! This level introduced the Reverse portal, which is now overused in Auto levels. Also, the level drags on. And on. And on...

#18 - Theory of Everything 2

Theory of Everything 2 is one of the most diverse levels in the game. It's got mostly every game mode except for the Robot, which was introduced after this level was released. However, it is pretty challenging and annoying. This music isn't very good either, to be honest.

#17 - Clubstep

Now onto the second demon level. Warning: This level is extremely challenging to beginners. Anyways, the level is designed almost perfectly. Every object is placed with immaculate precision. It's a amazing level. But the other ones are better still...

#16 - Jumper

This next level is kind of boring. The level is rated harder for some reason, but it's easier than Can't Let Go! Jumper is a walk in the park. Can't Let Go took somewhere around 80 attempts. Jumper took THREE. The coins, however are ball-bustingly hard.

#15 - Stereo Madness

A great beginning level, Stereo Madness is next. Stereo Madness introduces you to the basic mechanics of the game, and is generally easy enough. But here's something; The third coin is secret, and hard to get! You won't get that on your first try through this level.

#14 - Back on Track

After beating Stereo Madness, Back on Track is soon to follow. The main reason why this level is higher than Stereo madness is because I like the music better. The bounce pad is a huge plus as well!

#13 - Blast Processing

Blast Processing is a interesting level. It introduced the wave, and 3-D, which are some of my favourite things in the game. I didn't like this level that much... It's really long, and it's not fun to play. Music is okay, I guess.

#12 - Base After Base

Possibly the most underrated level ever, here is Base After Base. I like this level. Mostly because it doesn't introduce anything. I see it as a test of your abilities so far. The music is great, too.

#11 - xStep

xStep is a very easy level compared to Cycles. I have no idea why this was rated Insane! This level introduced the gravity pads, but it didn't use them as effectively as I would have hoped. Don't get me wrong, it's still a great level. It's got great music and good level design, but the new gimmick I think was implemented poorly.

#10 - Dry Out

I used to hate this level, because it added something I wasn't familiar with; Upside down gameplay. I did practice mode for a long time for this one. But it payed off because I beat Chaoz Fantasy from The Impossible Game really quickly!

#9 - Can't Let Go

I think I can safely say that Can't Let Go has some of the best music in the game. I also like this level because I think it's the first really difficult level I played. The last upside down block part was CRAZY before. How times have changed...

#8 - Polargeist

The only song by Step that made it into the game, Polargeist is another great piece. The actual level is great too, utilizing the background effects very well. The new mechanic is the mid-air jump rings, which completely differentiated the game from The Impossible Game.

#7 - Electrodynamix

Probably the coolest song in the game, this is Electrodynamix. I think this level has the absolute best level design in the game, except for one level I haven't talked about yet... The main point is the triple speed ship, which surprised many with it's difficulty.

#6 - Electroman Adventures

The retro soundtrack masterpiece by Waterflame called Electroman Adventures is next. I think this level nailed the pixelart retro motif perfectly, looking like a late Super Nintendo Game at points. Really though?! INSANE?!

#5 - Cycles

As I said in the xStep entry, I think this level should've been Insane, not xStep! This level introduced the ball, which is my favorite mode. It has a fun ship part, even though you'll get stuck at it at first. Overall, great level!

#4 - Deadlocked

Deadlocked is a awesome level. It introduces a lot of new things, as it is the 2.0 update. The teleporter portals are new, and they appear in a ball section that is easier than it looks. There is a bossfight section that looks absolutely amazing, and is a huge gap in difficulty between Clubstep and ToE 2. Overall, it is probably the best looking level in the game.

#3 - Hexagon Force

This used to be my favourite level. It's not anymore. Remember when I said that Electrodynamix had the second-best level design? Well, this is the absolute best. Hexagon Force had the best level design because of the dual parts. Dual parts can't just be sloppily made. They have to be carefully planned out if the creator wants it to be fun and interesting.

#2 - Theory of Everything

It's Theory of Everything! This isn't a Stephen Hawking movie. This level introduced the UFO mode, also known as Flappy Bird mode, which was a nice addition. I mostly like this level for how it looks and how fun it was to play. Seriously, how can you not enjoy this level?! As enjoyable as it was, It can't beat #1.

#1 - Clutterfunk

How did the level that everyone dislikes top the list? Here's how. First, the music. It's a amazing track with 3 different kinds of music in it. The beginning is some kind of jazz music. The middle part that is complete Growl Bass. The retro-sounding end. All of it works together perfectly. The level introduced the mini portals, which revolutionized the way the modes were played. The level's design is amazing because it feels like a test of your abilities so far, before you tackle the harder levels such as Electrodynamix, Clubstep, and Hexagon Force.