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Keyideas - a fast growing Software Development Company

Keyideas is a fast growing Software Development and Outsourcing Company that has catered to clients across North America, Europe, Africa and Australia. We offer IT Services and Consulting to both startups and large organizations such as Vestas, Indian AirForce, MindTree and more. We specialize in Web Design and Development, Mobile, E-Commerce, Custom Software Application Development and Search Engine Marketing (SEO and SEM).

Keyideas Infotech - A leading offshore software development company

An ISO 9001 and CMM Level 3 Certified Company Keyideas Infotech is a fast growing Software Development and Outsourcing Company that has catered to clients across North America, Europe, Africa and Australia. We offer IT Services and Consulting to both startups and large organizations such as Vestas, Indian AirForce, MindTree and more.

Why is Hybrid Cloud important?

The presence of Cloud-based apps has helped many organizations to function smoothly. It has made easier for employees to share data with their office colleagues especially in an environment where data security is a major concern. Integration of in-house apps and cloud-based apps can boost employees' productivity.

Mobile Application development Services

Keyideas Infotech is a leading software, mobile application and web development company. We develop 570+ web applications and 250+ mobile apps for more than 16 countries. We are one of the most reliable *offshore software development *company among our clients because of our world class services.

About Keyideas Infotech - Combining agility, ingenuity & reliability

At Keyideas we focus on solutions that match your organizational strategy and objectives. We harness technical excellence and deep software development knowledge to make them work for you and the goals you want to achieve. With a team of more than 150 experienced engineers, serving over 500 companies in 16 different countries, we continually demonstrate our commitment to customer success.

Keyideas Infotech - An ISO 9001 and CMM Level 3 Certified Company

Keyideas Infotech is a fast growing Software Development and Outsourcing Company that has catered to clients across North America, Europe, Africa and Australia. We offer *IT Services *and Consulting to both startups and large organizations such as Vestas, Indian AirForce, MindTree and more.

Leading Mobile and Web Application Development Company

Keyideas Infotech is one of the most reputed enterprise software development and outsourcing company. We offer IT Services and Consulting to both startups and large organizations. We have specialised in mobile application development (iPhone, iOS, Windows and Android), Web Application, website development, ecommerce solution and web designing services

Advantages of Internet of Things on Your Business

IoT is being used in health care products which are important. For instance, there are many people who likes to get their blood pressure check regularly; the use of such wearable that can detect blood pressure can help a person in keeping a tab on one's own health.

Steps to Develop a User-friendly SaaS Tool

Software as a service, or SaaS, is a recently popular software delivery model that all types of businesses use to host their websites, blogs, product information, and customer information. Some examples of SaaS include Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, human resources management software, content management systems (CMS), and accounting software.

Blog - News, Notes and Events from Keyideas Infotech

News, Notes, Events and Announcements from Keyideas Infotech an offshore IT outsourcing company, web and mobile app development company covering Technology, Software Development, Programming, Mobile app development, E-Commerce, Popular Events and Days

.Net Framework Team Pulls Support For Older .Net Versions

The .Net Fundamentals team recently announced that they re-pulling the plug for older .Net frameworks, including the 4.5.1 version. With regards to the decision, Microsoft made an announcement in terms of the lifecycle support for their products that run the 4 and 4.5 versions.

Keyideas Infotech

Keyideas Infotech is a leading web and mobile application Development Company having experienced website designer, mobile app developers, iOS developers and website developers. Keyideas Infotech is liable to offer world-class services at low cost and within a reasonable price. Hiring an outsource web or mobile application developers is not an easy task; however, once you manage to hire the right employees, everything will sail smoothly and perfectly.

How to develop a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool

The reality today is that a company's existing customer's data and analytics serves to be driving the optimal decision making process in the company's marketing strategy development. A deep analysis on an enterprises' potential and current customer aids in critical decisions to successful business management.

Interesting Countless New Features of Apple iOS 10

New iMessage app, home app, better 3D touch integration, redesigned lockscreen, improved Onscreen notifications and few more important updates are available in Apple's new iOS 10. Read complete information in detail from Keyideas blog page.

5 Benefits of Offsite App Development

Offsite model is one of the most successful and popular outsourcing model employed today. In this model, the offsite development center is located in a different location. The client's location and the service company’s workplace can be any geographical place, across the globe or in the same city.

Game Changed from 100 Yards to a 5 Inch Screen – FIFA

FIFA 17 hit the shops in September 2016, as Canadian Game Company EA Sports released the mobile version of the game called FIFA Mobile Soccer also called FIFA 17, for its Android users. The FIFA World Cup is the biggest single-sport competition in the world. The app has a small download size relative to the depth of features and content in the game - exclusively developed by experienced Android app developers. With Android market share crossing 80%, Android continues to maintain its dominant position in the market. Android Nougat opens up more ways for users to personalize their Android devices with latest FIFA 17 or FIFA Mobile. Read further to find out how the FIFA Mobile App has helped to evolve soccer - initially played on a 100 Yard field to a mobile app of a smartphone played by millions of users across the globe.

How can an Android Development Company make a Difference to Hospitals?

Over the past 50 years, the health care industry has evolved from house visits to e-visits, as healthcare professionals have become more reliant on technology to have the mobile access to their patient records. Mobile apps for smartphones and tablets are changing the way doctors and patients are approaching heath care. Connected mobile devices are revolutionizing the way hospitals functions by creating an impact on the healthcare industry. The software solutions are aimed at enhancing the performance and reducing the operational cost in a particular medical area. With patients demanding an interactive experience for their healthcare needs, and practitioners require more flexibility to provide services to their patients – these demands are putting pressure on the industry to evolve to meet with the demand. Read further to find out how Android app development companies can make a difference to the hospital industry.

Interview with Shreyes Kejariwal, CEO, Keyideas Infotech - GoodFirms

Keyideas is one of the fastest growing mobile app development companies specializing in iOS, Android & Windows Phone Applications besides providing eCommerce development solutions to global clients. With over a decade of experience, we position ourselves as the pioneers in the mobile app and web development industry.

Why did Android App Developer make Turing Phone?

Remember the Turing Phone, that ultra-secure and ultra-strong smartphone design by Turing Robotics? The phone has finally been launched and boasts of several notable security features. The phone was originally supposed to feature Android but it turned out that the device now runs Jolla’s Sailfish OS. The phone’s primary selling point is not its operating system, but rather its secure software, super strong liquid metal build, and unique styling. The revolutionary, Turing Phone was built on the success of the original Turing Phone and is constructed out of Liquidmorphium. When it comes to privacy the phone uses a security system that was inspired by Alan Turing’s famous cryptography work. The device uses offline cryptography key distribution to verify and authenticate users, essentially meaning that owners of the Turing Phone can communicate with each other without having to worry about spies. How many of you feel the need for such type of security? Read further to find out how high profile companies are adopting these phones, especially considering their accessible pricings.

Comparison between e-Commerce Platforms — WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, & Shopify

The four most popular of these eCommerce platform and the ones you would likely choose are Shopify, OpenCart, WooCommerce, and Magento. In this article, we take a deep look at each of the platforms.
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  • Keyideas Infotech is an IT consulting company, providing design and development solutions to clients all across the globe. We specialize in Mobile App Development and Web Development across all domains, providing solutions to clients on complex business needs.

    Our services benefit our valued customers, be it Mobile Application Development for iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Mobile. Our talented & experienced developers build mobile apps to perfectly match your requirements. Our commitment to quality and innovative ideas has made us serve clients across the world. Every single project is streamlined and closely monitored by our leadership team following well-defined processes and rigorous quality testing. We provide unique solutions, customer focused strategies and deep domain expertise that drives your business growth.

    Keyideas has continuously been expanding its services in the domain of the Web Development and Mobile App Development. We demonstrate honesty and moral virtue in every relationship or partnership. Over the years we have helped clients build great applications for various platforms. We endeavor towards innovating and refining the quality of our services for the benefit of our customers, catering to complex yet cost effective applications.

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