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Guar Gum Powder

Avlast hydrocolloids Industry One of the best Quality Guar Gum products Manufacturing Company in Gujarat. We are Leading Supplier of Guar Gum Powder and Cassia Gum in India.

Exporters Selling Guar Gum as Weight Loss Supplement

Indian Guar Gum Exporters are using guar gum powder for manufacturing tablets as it binds particle together and converts it into suitable shape.

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Avlast Hydrocolloids industries - Since 2006, We Manufacturer and Exporter of natural products like cassia gum powder, cassia tora powder, Goma Cassia, cassia tora seed and guar gum powder in India and worldwide. The Company was started by Avlast Hydrocolloids and persistent progressing because of his constant efforts and deep domain knowledge.

Our Products

Guar Gum Powder
Guar Refined Splits
Guar Meal (Fodder)
Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder
Cassia Gum Powder
Cassia Tora Splits
Cassia Tora Meal
Cassia Tora Seed
The Vision of Avast Hydrocolloid is to Provide Best Quality Guar Products

Avast Hydrocolloids is professional team player in business of collecting, processing and marketing guar gum and guar gum powder. Our company has various quality certificates like “ISO 22000:2005”,” GMP Certificate”, ”Kosher Certificate” and many more.

Guar Gum - Processors, Exporters & Suppliers Global - Avlast Hydrocolloids

Now number of food companies who have had spotted an option in guar gum supply invested immense amount in various new processing unit in last few years. They all reaped maximum profit margins and record high rise turnover from the plants.

Guar gum printing thickener is a crucial part in textile sector

Top grade textile printing thicker based on acquire on guar gum and mix products in various combination of polysaccharides in miscellaneous textile printing applications.

Amazing Health Benefits of Guar Gum Powder

Guar gum powder can reap many of soluble fiber health benefits by taking food such regular cooking, oats and almost in your diet plan.

Ever wonder why guar gum is healthy food additive?

An additive that has obtained face time on more and more food labels in today, guar gum frequently acquires leave as yet another foreign ingredient in pre-packaged foods.

Why Guar gum is a Safe & Healthy Food Additive?

Even wonder guar gum food sector contacts guar gum suppliers or exporters, but a small member know about this multipurpose healthy food additive product.

Gomme De Cassia Whole Properties and It's Suitable for Food Sector

Gomme De cassia is starch obtained from the seeds of cassia and senna. It is a product whose properties are close to guar gum and tara gum

Dedicated technology expert for the guar gum cultivation process

We provide best solution for guar gum cultivation. We provide dedicated technology expert for guar gum cultivation process. If agro sector growing then it will put a major effect on total production of guar gum market in India.

Guar gum gives impressive Flocculant Aids in food processing

Guar gum is one of the most extremely efficient water retention, clouding, emulsification and is mostly used as binder and volume increase.

Application of Guar gum gives Better Flocculant Aids in Food processing

Guar gum gives impressive action as a flocculation aid. There has been a crucial move in the partiality of the guar compared to use of synthetic polymers.

Introduce About Guar Gum & Cassia Powder - Infographic

Introduce About Guar Gum & Cassia Powder - Infographic

Hydromulches Can Be Replaced With Guar Gum According To USDA Research Reportx

Guar gum in presently the main gum used as a tack fiber for Hydromulching used in erosion manage and as setting agent in biodegradable cat litters.

Global Guar Gum Industry 2020 Market Research by $10 Billion

Global guar gum processing techniques by developing various countries and more demandable for new ingredients in food additive market which expected to reach $10 billion by 2020.

USDA Researchers Report Hydromulches Can Be Replaced With Guar Gum

USDA for the research, Vaughn’s association made experimental hydromulcher, arranged of water, straw as the mulch and the candidate mixing to add dry powder exact amount of guar gum is used in hydromulching.

The main use of guar gum in oil and gas industry

Guar gum powder is ideally fit for all rheological requirements of oil & gas industry. It is natural fast hydration dispersible guar gum and is diesel slurriable.

Natural Guar Gum Powder Can be Used with Trusted Exporter Only

Avlast Hydrocolloids is involved in exporting outstanding quality and trusted guar gum powder that highly used in by food, beverage, textile, pet food, cattle feed, oil & gas drilling and many more.

Simple Guar Gum Powder Versatility & Why Food Industry Use!

The versatility of guar gum powder include use of natural thicker agent, emulsifier, bonding agent and stabilizer as well as for strengthening and creating chemical barriers.

Guar gum health benefits & Uses in various industry

Guar gum powder made by crushing dried guar beans is also used as a soluble fiber food accessory to lower cholesterol and glucose and as a functional food part for its thickening properties.

Avlast Hydrocolloids is the leading exporter of guar gum to the globe

Guar gum suppliers in India are exporting guar gum in huge scale outside the countries boundaries. It has one of main agriculture product in India.