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BestMyTest TOEFL® online course was not only developed for students to practice TOEFL® exam questions, but was also designed to help students improve their overall English language abilities.

How to prepare for TOEFL listening section | BestMyTest

A key point to note when listening is to do so actively. Take notes of main points and key details, note new words and expressions and trying to predict what you will hear next. For practice, cover every fifth word in the script of a story or article and see if you can fill in the missing words.

How to prepare for the TOEFL®

The most basic thing is to know what format of TOEFL® you will be tested by. In most countries the option of internet based TOEFL® (iBT) is available while in some few others there is only the paper-based test (PBT) format on offer.

How to score high in TOEFL®

An essential skill to master is note taking. This will be requisite to do well in the listening, speaking and writing sections of the test as well as day to day life in an English-speaking university. To highlight its importance, you can only listen to any one clip just once and you have to answer questions based on that one time.

How to prepare for TOEFL speaking section

Speaking is a practical skill and therefore the best way to prepare for the test is to gain the skill and put it into as much practice as possible. This way you can speak in English naturally and comfortably. The best approach is to engage in conversation with native speakers of English.

How to pass the TOEFL® exam | BestMyTest

The first step to doing well in any paper is in proper preparation and TOEFL is no exception. It matters highly what sort of preparation you have had. Do you understand what format you will sit your test in i.e. whether it will be internet based or paper based?

Taking On the TOEFL Examination: Key Aspects for Prior Preparation

Oct 27, 2015 by James Liu The TOEFL certification is very important when taking the decision to study abroad, especially if you are a non-native English speaker seeking education in English speaking countries. By getting a good TOEFL score, students also get the chance to improve their English skills.

If you want to "nail" your TOEFL exam prepare it online

The TOEFL is a standardised English language test to help foreign students realising their academic goals. The test itself is a tool that reinforces one’s desire to learn something in a foreign language which can sometimes represent a big obstacle because of a language barrier. 

4 months study plan to pass 95 in the TOEFL®

The TOEFL® is a complex test that requires intensive and detailed preparation. The recommended time for preparation is a minimum of 6 months up to one year. Where there is even less time than this, a comprehensive study plan is mandatory to ensure optimal utilization of the little time available.

One Month Study Plan For TOEFL®

The TOEFL® is not an easy exam to study for and pass, much less in a month. Dedication, however, and hard work can make it possible for you to go through an accelerated program such as the following one. We realize that the TOEFL® reuses questions and therefore we have structured our program to rely on the use of questions.

Introduction to the TOEFL® reading section

One of the four parts of the TOEFL Test is the Reading section. This is the section that measures a candidate's ability to understand written university level academic text and passages. Academic reading has three purposes: The first one is reading to find information which includes effectively scanning text for key facts and important information.

TOEFL is a test that non-native English speakers need to take in order to be admitted to a superior form of education located abroad. The test aims to evaluate the abilities of the candidates to listen, write and speak fluently, in order to be capable of understanding the courses they will attend to.

How to create a successful study plan for the TOEFL®

The key to success in a test as daunting as TOEFL® is in detailed, intense and purposeful preparation. What one individual needs to get to their goals is different from what the next one might need. This is why the need to have one personalized study plan based on one's needs and situation arises.

Find Vet Out Unqualified Online Employers By Using TOEFL Scores

Hiring freelancers to do the tasks you simply do not have time for is a great way to save yourself money and time. The prospect of hiring people internationally for virtual is becoming more and more popular in first world countries.

  • BestMyTest is an online TOEFL e-learning website offering ibt TOEFL practices and teaching materials for students to prepare for TOEFL test. With over 800 high-quality TOEFL sample practices and sample questions, BestMyTest has helped thousands of students improve their TOEFL scores since 2009.

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