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People Development Network

Here are some fantastic articles from our Authors around the world on the subject of Leadership, Human Resources and Personal Development, adding up to a wealth of information about People Development

How Having Tough Conversations Help You Emerge as the Leader

YOUR CHOICE-THE TOUGH CONVERSATION OR THE BREAKDOWN How many times in the past six months have you wished your team communicated better? How often have you been frustrated by miscommunication? The problem with communication is that most people are afraid of having honest communications.

The Accountability Factor - People Development Network

One of the issues I hear most consistently from leaders, managers, and supervisors is their daily struggle to hold staff members and teams accountable for performance or for values. One senior leader recently told me, "It's so hard to hold people accountable when you've known them for years and years.

Conscious Leadership - Wakey Wakey, Rise and Shine!

"Wakey wakey, rise and shine" is a phrase that brings back happy childhood memories, and still always puts a smile on my face. Today though, I believe it has a deeper meaning relating to leaders and their teams. Conscious leadership is becoming an increasingly hot topic in the business press, with much more focus on service, higher purpose, unconscious and soul-based business.

4 Steps to Inspiring Others - Vision, Connect, Communicate, Believe

Global, public-company executive with P&L responsibility on multiple continents - having built profitable business relationships in 25+ countries. Governance, start-ups, turnarounds, strategic alliances/partnerships, acquisitions, high-level strategic business planning/execution, change management, product development, sales, biz dev, marketing - and more. Bringing that experience to small/mid-cap businesses - in a unique and approachable way.

Patricia Haddock

Your employees need quick, practical solutions to business challenges because there is no time for multi-day employee development programs where daily workflow stops. Patricia Haddock shares her unique experience, insights, and knowledge with her clients to achieve bottom-line results. She brings cutting-edge expertise to help you meet the challenges of today's competitive business environment .

8 Most Vital Communication Skills Found In Leaders

Everyone can become a good leader but it takes many years of practice and an incredible set of communication skills to become a great communicator. Excellence in communication is one trait present in the most distinguished leaders but this skill cannot be taught in any business school, you've got to learn it.

How to Inspire Others Through Presence - People Development Network

Within us is the ability to inspire others with our perceptions, our emotions and ultimately by our actions. In September of 2011 I was asked to speak at Ball State University to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the World Trade Center tragedy. The topic of the speech was my personal experience, escaping Tower 2 before its collapse.

I may be old but I am a Millennial! - People Development

Full Disclosure: I am a Baby Boomer. Having said that, much has been written and discussed about the generation that is just about to replace Baby Boomers, like me, in the workforce. I feel they have been maligned and accused of various things ranging from being totally lazy to fully incompetent.

Why Cultivating Winning Relationships Matters

There are only two things that matter in business and life... relationships... and I forget the other one. It's a reality that you cannot have success in business, your career, or life without cultivating winning relationships. Those professional relationships that I describe in Cultivate: The Power of Winning Relationships as Allies.

When To Call In Help From HR - People Development Network

The problem when starting to create a new team is that unless you have a strong HR background, it's difficult to know the difference between what seems obvious when managing people and what just isn't on your radar. It's not easy to decide when you need to call in help from HR.

You Don't Have To Be Famous to Be Great

There are very few absolutes in life. However, I feel confident in saying that you probably haven't heard of Mable Falcon. She was born in 1920, daughter of a depression era sharecropper. She endured much suffering in her life, a victim of cruel poverty and a crueler father.

Will Power, Career Success and Weight loss in 4 Dimensions

I love ice cream - any flavour is fine. I love chocolate - particularly Toblerone, and I can easily enjoy three sugars in a cappuccino or hot chocolate. I adore donuts, custard creams, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, ginger snaps, bounty bars and my mouth positively waters at the sight of pancakes filled with Nutella chocolate spread.

Invest in Your Team for Improved Customer Care

Many companies invest heavily into marketing their business and implementing a dynamic customer care service, but what many business professionals often forget is that it's their own employees that can make all difference. Your team can become brand ambassadors for your company and give your customers an insight into the way the business works and the philosophy of the business.

Employee Motivation - The Traditional Approach doesn't work

Frederika Roberts - The Happiness Speaker Inspiring you to achieve more success through the application of positive psychology principles. Frederika Roberts is an ordinary person who has experienced extraordinary events. In business, she has learnt at least as much from her mistakes as from the things she got right.

7 Principles To Get A Return On Your Learning Investment

There are many evaluation models and cost/benefits frameworks which attempt to determine the "worth" of learning and development in the workplace. Depending on the type of learning required, some models and frameworks are easier to apply than others. Sometimes even when applied, the expected outcomes and improvements have either not materialised or they have taken far longer than expected.

3 Steps to "Disruptive Innovation" Proof Your Career

I founded Coyote Insight in 2000 to help start-ups as well as established companies and brands plan for profitable growth. I have worked with dozens of organizations throughout North America and Asia. In 1986, I founded what was to become the largest independent market research/database marketing company in the consumer electronics and high tech fields.

Encouraging Diversity in the Workplace - Leadership

The lack of diversity in the workplace, and particularly at board level has been recently scrutinised, and a survey by Green Park found that there has been a significant increase in the number of 'all-white' boards. While the topic of race is high on the agenda, issues such as gender, sexual orientation and disability inequality have also rightly come into play.

6 Key Elements of Mentoring by John Murphy

Experienced Top Team Coach, Executive Coach, Mentor, Leadership Strategist and Productivity Expert. My clients refer to me as a Business Coach, Executive Coach, a Mentor, Leadership Strategist, Productivity Expert, and all round sounding board. You can check out more at my website John Murphy International My goal for all my clients is to help them win in their businesses and their lives!

Book Review: Rebuilding Trust by Dennis and Michelle Reina

With a Bachelor's degree in Human and Public Relations, Masters in Business Administration, Senior Professional in Human Resources and Human Capital Specialist Certifications, Patricia Santangelo is an experienced Human Resources professional with over 20 years of international experience in all areas of the function.

7 Deadly Leadership Sins - People Development Network

The emergence of new leadership is seemingly slow. With the world crying out for effective and "switched on" leadership, the gap still, it seems, is wide. According to DDI's 2014/2015 Leadership forecast , a mere 25% of HR Professionals polled, thought their organisations leadership as high quality, while only 40% of leaders say the quality of their organisations leadership is high.

How to Know Your Patterns - Tools for Reflection

Working to address what we find most challenging As we work with executives facing considerable challenges it has become evident to us how important it is for executives to find ways of doing their own work to help themselves.

7 Essential Mindset Shifts of New Leadership

New Leaders will be at the forefront of creating mindset shifts for themselves, their teams and followers. Not only will they lead by example, but they will show others through focused thinking and vision a brave new world. There are certain ingredients which leaders and people in the development field must be aware of moving forward.

Membership Levels - People Development Network

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Q & A With Sean Glaze - People Development Network

Sean Glaze is a Team Building Facilitator, Speaker and Author. He inspires people to have fun laughing together so they can have more success working together. His two books, The Unexpected Leader and Rapid Teamwork are powerful parables for building and leading great teams Q. What Do You Do?

Leadership + Self-Awareness = True Power - Development

Is Your Power Borrowed or Real? Would you agree that "Power" is the word for what we human beings seem to bow to? Many people find themselves in leadership positions that on the surface make them look powerful - borrowed power coming from positions and titles, corner offices, medals and stripes, academic accolades, money, and fame.