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Inspire Design, Innovate and Create

This will be an enjoyable journey from one site to the other to participate in the creativity, showcase your work, glean what you need and enjoy what you see. Cover Photo Derived from Design Inspiration.

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4 Reasons Why Flat Design Is Here to Stay

4 Reasons Why Flat Design Is Here to Stay

Flat design seems to be taking over these days and is one of the biggest trends in web, on mobile devices and even print. Flat designs refer to those designs that lack 3D effects such as drop shadows or bevels. The stylistic details of a flat design can be known to vary a bit, as it does with most design styles. But usually, a flat design is minimalistic, with tons of white space and the use of primary colours mostly. Fonts are thin and without flair, and buttons lack 3D effects or strokes. So the question really is, should we allow flat design to occupy a shelf in our cupboard or is it going to break our hearts and walk away? According to experts, flat design is here to stay. And here’s why: