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Updated by Jackson Rocky on Oct 29, 2015
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10 Tips for a Stress-Free Beach Vacation - How to Make the Most of Your Holiday

Everyone loves going on a beach vacation. Irrespective of which destination in the world you select for your coastal getaway, these tips listed below are sure to help you make the most of your trip.


Take baby powder

Make sure to take along a fair amount of baby powder when you head for the beach. Prior to getting back into your vehicle, just sprinkle some of the baby powder over your legs and feet. The grains of sand will just fall right off, helping you to keep the inside of your car clean.


Bring a damp cloth

When you leave for the beach, make sure to take along a dampened washcloth which can be kept inside a secure bag within your cooler. This cloth can be a great refresher on a hot day, and you can also use it to remove sand as well as salt water from your body at the end of the day.


Take your own towels

It can be a good idea to always take a set of coloured towels from home on your vacation. At your hotel you will be able to lay them across your lounge chairs, making them very easy to identify as your own, as most of the other people will use the standard white hotel towels. You will be able to use the hotel's towels for other needs like drying yourself after emerging from the water.


Fixing a bikini

If the strap of your bikini or that of a family member happens to break it can certainly upset your holiday plans. However there can be a quick way to solve this problem; simply thread a key ring into the loops of the bikini top so as to hold it together. You can mend the bikini when you return home.


Be careful with seashells

Many holidaymakers like to collect seashells on the beachfront but this is not always a good idea. This is because some countries impose limits on the kind and number of shells that you can take away. If you are in violation of these rules you can be delayed or even fined.


Take antibacterial wipes

It is always a good idea to take along some antibacterial wipes or some other trusted antiseptic. If you happen to injure yourself – such as by cutting yourself on corals while snorkelling – you will be able to treat the wound so that it does not become infected.


Take additional beach towels

Taking additional beach towels will always come in handy as there are always many uses for them. On the airplane they can serve as pillows, cushions and blankets. Additionally if you arrive at the hotel before your room is prepared, you will have the opportunity to dive straight into the ocean or pool.


Don't swim too far out

Naturally it makes a lot of sense to be careful when swimming in the ocean. Even confident swimmers can find themselves in trouble in powerful tides, so it is always prudent to stay close to the seashore at all times.


Always bring water

It is important to keep yourself hydrated while at the beachfront, so make sure you bring along plenty of water. If it is not possible to bring a cooler with you, keep the bottles of water in a freezer so as to keep them cool before heading to the beach. An excellent choice of accommodation for a Sri Lankan beach holiday would be one of the attractive hotels in Negombo such as the Hotel J Negombo. This appealing hotel offers comfortable rooms in an attractive setting.


Avoid jellyfish

If you are informed of a sighting of jellyfish, make sure that you stay away from the water in the area. A sting from a jellyfish can be painful and dangerous; it makes a lot of sense to avoid them at all times.