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Why Adoptee Rights

Why do we need Adoptee Rights? Listen to adopted persons, birth mothers and adoptive families speak of the need to restore access to adopted adults.

On August 6, 2012, at 10 am, The Adoptee Rights Demonstration will march at the National Conference of State Legislatures' annual summit in Chicago. These posts tell you why state legislators need to listen!


Musings of the Lame: Life as a Birthmother: Why We Fight For Adoptee Rights

I have three reasons why I believe that Adoptee Rights is very important and why I dedicate my time to doing so. Why Do YOU Support Adoptee Rights?


Omission and Lies

Omission and Lies

There is no difference between selective omissions of truth and outright lies. I do not allow people in my life to lie to me, either by with holding truth and facts or by deceiving me...why would it be acceptable for me to be okay with the government to lie by omission about me to me?

iAdoptee: Fighting for My Rights

I challenge anyone to give me just one good reason why I should be forced to use a fake birth certificate. How does this fake birth certificate benefit me as an adoptee in any way?

"Neither Here Nor There...": Human Rights

Words spoken during my search as an adult adoptee...meaning, (figuratively or literally)
to be caught between two points
or locations.

Why I fight for adoptee rights

Three reasons why I fight to end discrimination against my children & 90% of other adopted adults in the US. Why do YOU fight for open birth records?

I Will Pull This Blog Over!: Falsified Document? Nope- Just My Kid's Birth Certificate

Thoughts on birth, adoption, race, special needs, parenting, chaos, and life with four kids- all with a chewy liberal center.

Love Is Not a Pie: Adoptee Rights

I am so excited about the OBC. Can't wait to see it and find out if your name is "Intentionally left blank" or Georgia (or Una or Frances or maybe that great Hawkes family name: "Experience.") And is your biological father listed by name or "Unknown" or "Alleged".

Production, Not Reproduction | A blog about open adoption: Why Open Records Still Matter in Open Adoption

There are many other reaosns to support open reords:- First and foremost, the majority of adoption are not open- It is the rIGHT of everyone to have access to their truth and to all record spertainign to themThe fact is, the records should not be falsified to begin with.Do you really call your child Puppy?I'm new to this blog but assume you are protecting his/her confidentialy. But don't you think that's a bit degrading?Have you seen

Third Mom: One reason adoptee access to their OBC must be framed as a human rights issue

I think from my slightly(?) biased position on the adoption triangle that law makers probably do know adoptees because they know many adoptive parents and those adoptive parents have their ear. Not to mention the adoption industry. Or one of their own kids or someone else in their family is having fertility problems and thinking about adopting so they see this is impacting on those people.It's sad but it's true. When I first found my son, a number of people's first words to me were - I just think of those poor adoptive parents who raised him. This group included my own sister because as she told me, at one point she thought she might have trouble conceiving and might be looking to adopt. It is frustrating as heck but we still haven't reached the point where the desire to know where you came from is perceived as non-threatening.As they say, it all depends on whose ox is getting gored and I think many, many people still see the gorees as the adoptive family, not the adoptees (and their mothers/fathers too) Keep up the good work Margie. You go get 'em.

The Warrior Princess Diaries: Adoptees receive original birth certificates

Wow! What a priceless day for each of these adoptees! I am so thankful that we were given our girls' org birth certificates at the finalization of the adoption. I know our girls will need them.

What "Mother May I?" Means When it Comes to Adoptee Equality

You might walk away from an Adoptee Rights activist's blog and think, "I got this, that sounds straightforward and easy." What that blogger would probably say to you, and what you might find out later, is that making the same argument in an active discussion with others is another matter entirely. People might get upset while you're explaining your stance on Adoptee Rights.

Love Is Not a Pie: Adoptee Rights Are Civil Rights

I SO agree. Why is one set of people denied something so basic? Because the originator of sealed adoption records wanted to hide her illegal adoptions (all 5000 of them), and (I believe) others followed suit because then it'd be easier to promote the lie that adoptive parents could just pretend their kids had been born to them. You should add this post to my on my "Angry Birthmother" post.

Adoptee Rights Demonstration Today in Chicago « Between

The Adoptee Rights Coalition has organized a demonstration to take place today during the National Conference of State Legislators in Chicago. Specifically, they will be trying to open the legislat...

Lost Daughters: Going Home to the Adoptee Rights Protest

The only thing I am fanatical about is that adopted people have the same rights as every other citizen in this country . . .to have a copy of THEIR ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE. That is what this protest is about. Education. Adopted people should not be held to a different standard than other citizens just because of a circumstance as children we had no control over. Some of us want to find our original biological families. Some of us don’t. But we all deserve to have our original identity and the narrative of our lives.

Adoptee Rights Demonstration Today in Chicago « Between

The Adoptee Rights Coalition has organized a demonstration to take place today during the National Conference of State Legislators in Chicago. Specifically, they will be trying to open the legislat...

73adoptee: I'm Not Going To Day For Adoptee Rights Chicago 2012 - But I'm Still An Angry Adoptee

Good for you Triona... I had been entertaining the idea of going this year as well; but quite frankly I can't stand all the bickering amongst this group and that... I don't care to get into the fact that there are some people who I just plain can't stand because of their constant bragging and grand-standing (these are not adoptees) I don't do well around that type. But I will say that I still support 100% the fact that ALL adopted person should have the right to their OBC. Period. And I love and respect your work and support you no matter what!