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Articles by Jason Hickel

A list of articles by Jason Hickel

Forget 'developing' poor countries, it's time to 'de-develop' rich countries

This week, heads of state are gathering in New York to sign the UN's new sustainable development goals (SDGs). The main objective is to eradicate poverty by 2030. Beyoncé, One Direction and Malala are on board. It's set to be a monumental international celebration.

The hunger numbers: are we counting right?

This year, as the millennium development goals (MDGs) expire, the United Nations and the international NGO community are rallying around the conclusion that this has been "the most successful anti-poverty movement in history". Poverty has been cut in half, they tell us, and hunger - the other big goal of the MDGs - has taken a serious hit, falling narrowly shy of the target.

The pope v the UN: who will save the world first?

Everyone, it seems, recognises that Pope Francis's encyclical is a striking document. But to really appreciate its significance, it's worth contrasting it with another document that purports to tackle the same challenge: the UN's sustainable development goals (SDGs). The SDGs have emerged from a long, complex process, stretching over the past four years.

The microfinance delusion: who really wins?

I'm always amazed at how many students show up each year in the classrooms of the London School of Economics, where I teach, quivering with excitement about microfinance and other "bottom-of-the-pyramid" development strategies. Like eager young missionaries, they feel they've stumbled upon the One Idea that is sure to save the world.

It will take 100 years for the world's poorest to earn $1.25 a day

If you follow international news you will be accustomed to headlines announcing that world leaders have succeeded in cutting global poverty in half over the past couple of decades. Its sounds like brilliant news, but it's just not true.

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