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Social Media Tools

Apps, software and websites that help you automate your social media, use social media with content and/or contact management, increase SEO. Please add and vote from your experiences.

As with all of our lists in, we welcome your input by adding other programs and by voting (and feel free to send us comments before they go onto web pages) as we have not trialled any or all of the programs. As with all of our lists, while they are at the stage, we receive no commissions, paid sponsorships or affiliate fees for listing. We want to ensure that the curation of the best tools is done without any question of influence from the outside. Each of our lists, after curation is complete, will be turned into usable resources for audiences around the world- so truly, while here on alone, your input in very welcome and needed. If you want to collaborate on any lists, embed them into your websites (al are made so you can embed them) please send us a message so that you can be the site that collects comments and gets input from different audiences. If you do so, your site of choice will be recognized permanently when the lists become long lasting resources.




Buffer does scheduling, posting, RSS feeds from sites you like and analytics. You can connect with the following social accounts:Facebook: Profile, Page, and Group (for groups you do have to be the admin)-. They have a really good analytics program that's easy to use and understand.

Currently, with Buffer, you can connect to the following types of accounts:

Facebook: Profile, Page, and Group (for groups you do have to be the admin)
LinkedIn: Profile, Company Page, and Group (for groups you do have to be the admin)
Twitter: Profile
Google+: Business Pages
Pinterest accounts (On Awesome and Business)
LinkedIn: Profile and Company Page
Pinterest is included with premium plans or has a charge is you want to add to the free plan

Buffer has free and paid plans:

Free plan

  • 10 Connected Social Accounts
  • 0 Team Members
  • + 100 scheduled posts per profile

With the Awesome plan is $10 a month.

  • Up to 10 social profiles (as opposed to just one of each). So, you could manage multiple accounts (like multiple company Twitter accounts or personal ones along with professional ones.)
  • Up to 100 Posts in your Buffer (as opposed to only storing 10 at a time). This means you can add posts pretty much as far ahead as you would like to.
  • Varied schedules. With the Individual Plan you can choose days and times but not different times for different days. So, I can have my posts go out at 3 PM and 5 PM, Monday and Wednesday. On the paid plan, you can have 3 go out every Monday, 2 on Tuesday, 6 on Friday, etc. All at whatever times you set.
  • 15 RSS Feed per connected profile. You're able to connect up to fifteen feeds for each of your connected profiles.
  • Pinterest included free as an outlet (Pinterest charged if you only have the free plan)
  • with free you get one Facebook, page or community account with paid you get a combination to 10 accounts each

Small Business Plan $50/ month

  • 11-25 Connected Social Accounts
  • 1-5 Team Members
  • +2,000 scheduled posts per profile
  • +RSS feed integration
  • +Rich analytics for your posts
  • +All standard Buffer features

Buffer connects with multiple apps for your integrated productivity plan that you develop for yourself. Their connected apps are updated at Some are free, others have an upgrade fee starting at $2.99 a month each.


A powerhouse in social media management, the leading social media dashboard. Hootsuite connects with over 35 different social networks including scheduling, publishing, analytics. It interacts with over 100 different It also listens to when your brand is talking about you. Manage multiple networks and profiles and measure your campaign results. Free platform with pro at $9.99 a month that allows 50-100 social profiles, 1-10 enhanced analytics reports and up to 10 team members.

Hootsuite works with over 150 3rd party applications- of which over 100 are free. The app directory will also give you insight into other social media tools in general:

MarketHub - Premium Twitter Lead Generation Platform

MarketHub is a premium Twitter lead generation platform.
1. Find & Configure Feeds
Search, select & configure niche related article feeds. Our proprietary algorithm will tweet the articles most likely to have the best engagement.
2. Start Tweeting
Activate your account to start tweeting. MarketHub will grab the appropriate image, add hashtags/mentions, and start tweeting according to your settings.
3.Generate Leads
When a follower clicks on the article link, They will see your custom call to action bar at the bottom of the post. You can configure it to go to any lead capture page you’d like.
$99 a Month

Nurph. A Home for Your #Hashtag.

Nurph- a home for your #hashtag- twitter tool.


Pagemodo is a bit of a hybrid multi purpose social tool that is combination of scheduling and photo images and pages. It is geared towards everything you need to create and run your facebook pages- from scheduling to photos, cover photos, post designer, custom tabs, contests and Facebook Ads. It also works with twitter at a somewhat lesser focus including twitter headers. It's not as hefty as a hootsuite or buffer, but it does have a schedule system for facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. What's really great is that if you use a lot of visual (and the number of people who interact with photo posting versus not is very high) PageModo include photos in any of the posts that you do easily.

While not publicized as a key feature, pagemodo may be the solution for you if you are looking for a lot of beautifully designed short posts for your website. With pagemodo you can:
Choose from hundreds of professionally designed post themes, created with marketers’ needs in mind. Perfectly sized for social. Promote your business, design an ad, or just make your followers smile.
Make your social posts reflect your brand with high-quality imagery from our free stock image library. Then get your message across with our beautiful fonts, shapes and more.
Share your post right away or schedule updates to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with just one click. One tool to help you stay connected through multiple social networks.

If you have the right coding or widgets, you can post what you post on social media onto your wordpress or other website- so this can give an easy way to fill your site with beautifully composed short posts (that you can probably easily add to as you choose.)

With the current promotion at time of writing, Page Modo is $79.50 a year or $9.90 a month. This shows about a 50% savings over what they say are their regular rates- although compared with the competition, these rates would be more in-line with the going market in these areas.

Pinstamatic - Get More From Pinterest

Pinstamatic is a free tool online for Pinning better. You can write notes on sticky notes that pin, pin websites, add quotes, pin a twitter profile image, add the date, location or photo to your pin.

Pin Them All

I have no idea how I missed this amazing (and free option) social media software! After searching through many programs for something to use as I rely on both Pinterest and visual imagery for other social media, I found this SaaS. Under the creation of the seemingly brilliant @AltzA creates fabulous collages, quotes, multi-photo pins for step by step, before and after, full design project, recipes, products in many forms, or well any other use you want to make an easy and beautiful visual with no design or software knowledge. Created by the owners of a small design company in France, Mu Studio, Pin the Net is super easy to use, and the free version has plenty of features (it's not a trial or a trick and up sell- the free version does have value (though I am definitely getting the pro version now having tried it!)

Free features include the ability to:
Create a collage from multiple pictures on the same site
Create a collage from different sites
One picture from multiple uploaded photos
Pin a screenshot (I've had trouble with that feature...)
Pin a quote
Pin a piece of music

For 9.99 a month you get the added benefits of:
Unlimited images
** Schedule your pins** finally a site that integrates scheduling pins also!
Own image library
No Watermark
Direct link to source site
Private Images
Larger Images
Screenshot up to 1280px width
No ads

Share As Image | The fastest way to double your social engagement.

Share As Image lets you add text to any image from anywhere on the web to almost any social platform including pinterest and via buffer. Free to start. Basic at $8 a month. Super easy to use- just select or upload your image and type in the text and share- easiest tool I've found for creating and sharing social pictures. Even solves the issue of making sure the image is shared when you share a link on twitter.


Locate and target potential customers, segment followers, manage marketing campaigns and benchmark your performance with ’s advanced Twitter analytics, marketing and monitoring tools. A twitter partner that focuses on understanding your audience, paid advertising campaigns on twitter and reporting from these campaign.

Social Oomph

Social Oomph focuses on scheduling and monitoring twitter interactions with premium features for Facebook, LinkedIn and Plurk

Free features: **
Schedule tweets , Track keywords , Save and reuse drafts , URL shortening , View @Mentions & Retweets , Purge your Twitter Tweets , Secure Twitter access , Up to five Twitter accounts.
**Premium: $36 per month:

Follow-Back & Auto-DM Features, Find Quality People to Follow On Twitter, Facebook Features, LinkedIn, Plurk Features, Features, Create Social Updates from RSS Feed Entries, Submit Social Updates via Email, Schedule & Publish Blog Posts and Pages, Private Tweet Interests Channels, Manage Many Accounts with TweetCOCKPIT, Other Features

Social Quant

The Social Quant team uses the power of big data and analytics to grow our clients' Twitter accounts. You simply provide a list of 15-25 keywords of the types of connections you'd like to make on Twitter and SQ does the rest. Next their anlaytics give you back the data on what keywords work & which ones to change. Included in this link is a free 14 day trial. Per their website, users have seen increase of relevant growth 50%-2000% in just 90 days.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social manages your social presence in one convenient platform. Monitor, engage, schedule, publish for Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Linked In, shorten links. Starts at $59 a month.

Storify - Create stories using social media

Create stories using social media. Turn what people post on social media into compelling stories. Collect the best photos, video, tweets and more to publish them as simple, beautiful stories that can be embedded anywhere. One of many ways to use storify is to summarize a tweetchat (aka twitter party) into a story. You can select the quotes that you like from during the hashtag tweetchat, order them as you like, and add text in between tweets to provide a clear view of both the tweetchat and a way of turning part of the rapid conversations that occur during tweetchats into a teachable story.


Tailwind finally gives you a solution for scheduling your photos and video social media with Pinterest. You can schedule your pins and then elect to post on facebook or twitter, schedule in intervals or use their queue system to schedule at your next best available slot. There is a chrome and other extensions so that every photo or image that can be auto posted on pinterest or instagram can be auto scheduled via Tailwind. It can't be easier to schedule your photo curation social media than with Tailwind. Enhance your Visual Marketing on Pinterest & Instagram. Find and schedule content, run contests and more. Trusted by over 50,000 brands. Start** free.** but you'll soon find that you need to upgrade if you're going to keep tailwind.

TweetDeck | About

"Live column streaming is my favorite thing about TweetDeck since the real-time aspect of Twitter is what makes it essential to my job. A close number two is that it's easy to use multiple accounts with TweetDeck."

Tweet Jukebox : automated Twitter management

JUKE BOXES: *You load one with content , figure out how often you'd like it to tweet, and then turn it on. With each Jukebox, you can store thousands of Tweets and set them up with our scheduling software. You can send tweets from one to over a 100 times per day. Plus your scheduling is flexible, allowing you to set different schedules for each day of the week. When it runs out of tweets, your Jukebox will turn over like an hourglass and keep tweeting. This is also completely automatic. You don't have to touch a thing. (PS - to make it super easy to start out, we even give you a FREE Jukebox with 200 quotes for you to try out.) You may have up to five jukeboxes in your system.

*MENTIONS DATABASE: *Your Tweet Jukebox will collect all "mentions" of your Twitter™ 24/7 automatically .
Free for now, a charge of under $10 a month will start when more features are added