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Finance Trading News

A trader is person or entity, in finance, who buys and sells financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, commodities and derivatives, in the capacity of agent, hedger, arbitrageur, or speculator. According to the Wall Street Journal in 2004, a managing director convertible bond trader was earning between $700,000 and $900,000 on average.

Brazilian Car Sales at 10-Year Low in September

The Brazilian economy has been suffering for nearly a year now as the currency continues to depreciate, the country’s oil revenues collapse, and corruption charges keep battering national oil company Petrobras. In September, new car sales in Brazil fell by 32% to a 10-year low according auto industry researchers at

Florida, Maryland Top States for Distressed Home Sales

U.S. sales of distressed homes totaled 9.4% of all homes sold in July of this year according to data from CoreLogic and published Thursday on the company’s blog. The total represents a 2.1% drop compared with July of 2014 and is flat compared with June of this year.

Latency war the present & the future

The webinar was taken by Mr. Gaurav Raizada, he is a Director at iRageCapital Advisory Private Ltd and also Senior faculty of QuantInsti, leads the firm's advisory practice in India on the Systems, Performance and Strategies. He has consulted extensively with core focus on strategy development and execution including trading systems development, latency reduction, optimization and transaction cost analysis. Gaurav is IIT and IIM Alumnus.

Algorithmic and Quantitative Trading Institute

As Asia’s pioneer Algorithmic Trading Research and Training Institute, we are committed to assure a long lasting learning experience for our participants.

In pair trading, usually a pair of stocks is traded in a market neutral strategy, i.e. it doesn’t matter whether market is trending upwards or downwards, the two open positions for each stock hedge against each other.

Model a Quantitative Trading Strategy in R

R is widely used by analysts and traders around the world to develop quantitative trading strategies which can be executed manually or through program trading. This is an introductory course for beginners in R to get familiarized with a trading strategy and experience coding a technical indicator in R. You will learn technical terms associated with a trading strategy, work with data.tables in R, and manipulate the input data to create trading signals and profit-and-loss columns. You will also learn about optimizing parameters to be able to maximize the profits. This course is for everyone who have an interest in Algorithmic trading and want to get started! No prior knowledge is required!

Statistics Behind Pair Trading (I): Understanding Correlation and Cointegration

In pair trading, usually a pair of stocks is traded in a market neutral strategy, i.e. it doesn’t matter whether market is trending upwards or downwards, the two open positions for each stock hedge against each other.

High Frequency Trading and Different Strategies in It

High Frequency trading or shortly known as HFT has become a giant today and almost all the market in the world that makes use of electronic medium is using the HFT. The usage of High Frequency Trading is still considered to be a threat by many marketers. This is mainly because of the speed at which the technology works.

Tips and Tricks to Use HFT for Retail Investors

High frequency trading (HFT) was something that has always been into controversies. Few say it is good for the market and few says that it worsens the market. On a whole the HFT was actually been posited as bad than being good.

Professional Finance Courses Online

QuantInsti offers progressive opportunities for individuals and corporations with the passion and drive to succeed in quantitative industry. The key to success for is in gaining theoretical knowledge and practical experience as a part of a single financial course to bridge disconnect between theory and practice.

The Greeks in Options: Delta, Gamma, Theta and Vega

The key requirement in successful options trading involves understanding and implementing options pricing models. In this post, we will get a brief understanding about Greeks which will help in creating and understanding the pricing models.

Laser-radio technology to connect US stock exchanges

AOptix, a company pioneering a combination of free space optics with millimeter wave technology, has supplied a wireless link connecting the US NASDAQ and BATS stock exchanges.

Careers in Finance for Technology Graduates - Algorithmic Trading Workshop

Technology and algorithmic trading are today more closely linked than they have ever been. In this context, all the algorithmic trading firms have been increasingly focussing on acquiring new technologies or developing them. This session gave a brief overview of the architecture of an algorithmic trading system, followed by some of the latest innovations. An insight was given into the different technology related verticals in an algorithmic trading setup and some example career paths

A Sneak Peek into Artificial Intelligence Based HFT Trading Strategies

This presentation was delivered by QuantInsti director and co-founder Mr Sameer Kumar at webinar 'A Sneak Peek into Artificial Intelligence Based HFT Trading Strategies' organized by QuantInsti on 27th February 2015.

The Cherry on the Cake?

After the rally of the last couple of weeks, Friday's narrow range gains felt like it may offer bulls a break from their buying. There are a couple of resistance levels in play for some of the indices, but these have't played important roles in recent months as markets traded in narrow ranges.

10 Monday AM Reads

We used to have Columbus Day off, but it was traded for MLK Day and a holiday to be named later.

Fukushima Kids Suffer Thyroid Cancer Up To 50x Normal Rate, New Study Finds

Children living near the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer at a rate 20 to 50 times that of children elsewhere, according to a new study. As AP reports, most of the 370,000 children in Fukushima prefecture have been given ultrasound checkups since the meltdown and thyroid cancer is suspected or confirmed in 137 of those children.

Statistics Behind Pair Trading (I): Understanding Correlation and Cointegration

In pair trading, usually a pair of stocks is traded in a market neutral strategy, i.e. it doesn’t matter whether market is trending upwards or downwards, the two open positions for each stock hedge against each other.

Algorithmic Trading, Quantitative Trading System for SP500 - 2 Years forwrd tested

Walk through the complete process of how i build my great trading system for the ES Sp500 emini.

Digital Turbines Announces Closure Of Its Very Successful Public Offering

On 2nd Oct 2015, the complete mobile solutions provider to Original equipment manufacturers i.e. OEMs and mobile operators across the world, Digital Turbine Inc. (APPS in Nasdaq) announced the closure of its erstwhile public offering which involved common stock shares tally of 8,740,000 including the underwriter opportunity to buy additional shares of 1,140,000. Each share in this offering was priced at $1.57 taking the net earnings raised in this venture to a staggering amount of $12.9 million post deduction of discounts given to underwriters.

The Concerns For Bond Liquidity In The Market

Recently some discussion has grown that held the U.S. regulatory norms responsible for the reduced liquidity in Bond market but there is an official from the Federal Reserve who has rejected such chances and mentioned that changes are usually take place with high-frequency trading.

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