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Things to remember in wedding planning - Do's and Don'ts of Wedding Planning | Weddingplz

'Oh my' is what comes to your mind when it is about planning your wedding and managing all your finances. This is certainly not one person's task and takes a lot of hard work, time and skill.

Wedding Invitation Cards Latest Trends - What's Hot and what's Really Not | Weddingplz

Visit us and get tips about latest wedding invitation card trends, Wedding invitation cards latest styles, Trendy wedding Invitation cards, unique wedding invites, Celebrity wedding invites etc.

Wedding planning Checklist - To Make Your Occasion Perfect | Weddingplz

A good planning is the mantra to Success for almost everything. So for a wedding to be a complete success, planning needs to be started months in advance.

Brides: Do Not Forget This On Your Wedding Day! | Weddingplz

Finally the D-Day has arrived. It is that day which you had anxiously waited for so long. The clock slowly ticks 0.00 A.M at midnight and the anxiety begins to build even more. Butterflies in stomach, nervousness of final moment, jittery feeling of going through the process, the whole scenario just runs through the eyes and mind!

Eye Make-up Tips For Different Eye Shapes and Colors | Weddingplz

Different eye makeup for different eye shapes - Here are few make-up tips for different beautiful eye shapes like Almond Shape Eye makeup, Down turned Eye makeup, Single Lid/ Monolid shape, Hooded Eye makeup, Smokey eye makeup, Deep set Eyes makeup tips, Protruding/Bulging Eye makeup tips, make up for puffy eyes, light eye makeup, heavy eye makeup.

Top 4 event management companies in Ludhiana

In this modern era planning an event is not at all like it was before. It has become more elaborate than it used to be planned in the bygone era. There is so much to do in event planning, be it a corporate event or a conference.

Top 5 taxi services in Ludhiana

Rental taxis are convenient mode of transportation when visiting a foreign place or just another city. The listings briefed below highlight the most popular taxi services in Ludhiana. Mega Cabs Mega Cabs offer excellent, safe, reliable, and comfortable taxi services to their clients. Their fair pricing and deal have made them one of the most...

A Comprehensive Guide to Beautiful Mehendi Designs for Your Special Occasion

Mehendi adds a touch of glamour to the beautiful hands, feet, and fingers of the ladies. With so many mehendi artists and designs out there, you simply need to choose one that you like best and get their impression on your feet or hands. Mehendi designs of today are a combination of modern and traditional...

Weight Gaining Tips for Skinny Bride

As a matter of fact, the number of people that want to gain weight is much less in comparison to the ones that want to lose weight. Mostly the weight gainers include skinny brides. Girls always desire to look best on big day. For this reason, the skinny lots look for options to put on...

Creative Photo Booth Ideas for Photo Booth Ideas

Every wedding couple craves for that extra something in their wedding ceremony to add that zing. Of course they want their wedding to be the most talked about event for a long time. So the recent trend in wedding ceremonies is the creative photo booth set up during various wedding ceremonies.

Romantic ideas to propose your girl for marriage

A marriage proposal is an important thing for a girl. Right from the childhood, girls think of their prince charming coming on a white horse and that is the perfect fairytale idea of marriage proposal for them. Since, it is not possible to get a white horse for everyone and women these days expect something...

Hair and Beauty Tips for a Winter Bride

Getting married in winters has its own perks. First of all winter is the most romantic season in India next, this is the time when you can indulge into maximum fun when it comes to dancing, eating or drinking. The season is also suitable for the bride to look perfect withouta sweaty face that could...

Ways to Adjust In Your New Home after Wedding

An Indian bride does not just marry her groom but also her whole new family. There are so many new people that she is going to welcome in her life. This, by no means, is an easy task and requires a lot of input from the bride and some from her new family too.

Sisters and Friends at Indian Weddings

For an Indian bride, her sisters and friends are the most important persons during her wedding, even more than the groom! Though we do not call officially call them bridesmaids but they play the role of a bridesmaid to the T. Whether it be the bride's looks, her dresses, her honeymoon shopping or her last...

How To Find The Best Deal On Party Tent House Rental?

Party rental tents are designed especially for special occasions and events. Their functional, versatile, heavy-duty, and fashionable features make them widely preferred. If you are likely to host/organize any personal event/occasions then you might be looking options for tent house. Know here how you can secure the best deal for you.

Top 5 Bollywood Divas Who Are Daddy's Little Girls

Daddy-Daughter relationship is much more cherished than any other relationship in the world. It has the fun, drama, adventure, sentimental and even daring element in it. For daughters, daddies' hug is safest place to be in. Daddies, for daughters are their friend, guide, caretaker, philosopher and even the very first teacher who teaches them "lessons...

5 Fruits to Lose Weight and Burn Belly Fat Instantly

Flat belly is nowadays more into a bucket list than it is found in the fitness list. When "junk food" and "ready-to-eat" foods are available everywhere, fruits cannot make their way upto you. But yes!!! Fruits are considered as the best medium to feed your hunger and offer you several benefits with low on calories...

Who to trust for complete solution of wedding arrangements - A look

Arrangements of wedding party are not an easy task and for this, not everyone can be trusted. However, handling the entire tasks alone will lead to frustration, tiredness and loose of thrill of wedding. Thus, people of Ludhiana do not have to worry, as there are ample number of Event management companies that are specialized...

Amaze guest by serving exotic best dishes in Indian wedding

Wedding is the special day in everyone's life whether wedding couple or guests, wedding plays a vital role and everyone gets excited when it comes to attend a wedding party. Food is the most important part of any wedding and in Chandigarh, entire population of this city is highly fond of best food.

Things To Consider When Dealing With A Choreographer

Are you fond of learning fresh styles of dancing? Then why don't you look for choreographers in Delhi. Whether it's for the rehearsals for any event/occasion dance or you are looking forward to participate in a dancing competition, hiring a professional choreographer can bring you huge benefits.

5 trendy hairstyles for brides

It is no secret that Indian women have the most beautiful hair in the world. Indian women are known to have the most lustrous and gorgeous hair that they love to dress up in the most elegant manner. This love turns into a passion when an Indian woman turns into a bride!

How to look gorgeous without makeup

Every woman wishes to look gorgeous with minimal efforts, but with the stressed up that they have to lead these days, it gets pretty difficult to manage your personal and professional life while also looking great. Ultimately every woman's last resort is to apply makeup to conceal those signs of unhealthy life that eventually start...

5 types of gorgeous shoes every bride must have in her trousseau

Setting up the trousseau of a bride to be needs careful planning as it should consist of everything that she may need just before, during and just after her wedding. So whether it be clothes, makeup or jewellery, everything is included keeping in mind the needs of the bride to ensure her comfort and good...

Essential pre-bridal beauty treatments: Don't miss them

It is the dream of every bride to look spotless and flawless, beautiful on the day of her wedding. It is the day when all eyes are on the bride and she wants to make an impact on all the onlookers. If you are planning to get married, make sure that you follow the essential...

Famous Wed locks of Indian Celebrities in 2015

2015, so has been an entertaining year and there were many Indian celebrities who exchanged wedding vows with the love of their life this year. From singers to actors from Bollywood and television industry, following celebrities promised their partners that they are ready to be the committed partners.