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Updated by Kayden Paul on Oct 07, 2015
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Easily connect with your family when you live in abroad

Here are some ways, how you can let your parents know that you are alright and keep your friends up to date about your adventures while you study abroad:

Connect with your family when you live in abroad

If you are living in overseas for many purpose like business, jobs, studies and for traveling in a sweet location like Canada and USA. If you are there with your family, relative and with friends then its ok but if you are alone you always want to connect with your loved ones in your home country.

Staying connected with your family and friends when you live overseas

I'd be willing to bet that most of you reading this post are in a long distance relationship of some sort or another. At some point in their careers, most development workers and missionaries find themselves living far away from friends and family.

How to stay in touch when traveling abroad - Travels of Adam

Dear Mom and Dad, I thought I'd share with you a few of the ways that you can stay in touch with me even while I'm abroad. I may be outside the country, but unlike when Dad traveled around the world in the 70s, this is a very different world.

How to keep in touch with family and friends when studying abroad

Keeping in touch with your family and friends while you study abroad is often harder than it seems. First, there is the time difference. Then, there is so much to do and explore. And third, a combination of both: You finally have a few minutes to squeez in for your loved ones at home...

How to Keep in Touch While Traveling Abroad

In the past few months a lot of people in my life have ventured abroad, either to teach, live, or just visit. Keeping in touch with friends and family in different time zones is tough - let alone when you're trying to navigate foreign internet connections and phone plans!

Keeping in Touch With Your Family Abroad in Simple Ways

Being away from your family is tough and many of us want to keep in touch with our loved ones when they are abroad. In this age of globalization, it is common for people to work and live in different countries, and hence the concept of global families has taken root in the public psyche.

How To Keep In Touch Abroad

Once the daydreaming of spending long days lazing on the beach being cut off from the rest of the world wears off, the reality is that we do still need to be reachable. You will want to know if something goes wrong or somebody needs you, whether it's a family member, household accounts or your bank.

Staying "Connected" While Living Abroad

As exciting as it is to study, work, or simply spend time living abroad, it is a decision that rarely plays out in a vacuum. We all have relationships that will be affected, and especially as we get older, moving abroad-even temporarily-becomes increasingly complicated.

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