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Updated by Lizzie Worton on Oct 15, 2015
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5 Good Reasons to Maintain and Repair Your Doors

Make sure you follow these 5 tips for maintaining and repairing your commercial doors and they will save you time and money.


Keep it safe

Keep it safe

The health and safety of those operating the doors is most important. Making sure the doors are in good working order and are not likely to injure those using them will not only keep the HSE happy, but it will ensure that the working environment is safe and that operations in your warehouses run smoothly.


Improve the aesthetic appeal

Whether your doors are on a main reception area or are back of house, doors that are well maintained and kept looking their best will attract customers and add to the company's good reputation.


Keep it secure

A well maintained door is a secure one. Security on your premises is vital, and an old door with a faulty lock will not present much of a challenge to intruders. Making sure all security aspects of the door are working correctly will help prevent burglars and protect your premises.


Prevent downtime and unexpected costs

When a door becomes damaged or faulty or is in need of repair time is needed to repair it. You can save costly repairs and the frustration of downtime by ensuring you have a regular servicing plan in place. This will highlight and prevent any issues with the door before they cost you time and money.


Stay legal

Fact: ALL industrial doors must, by law, be maintained and checked once a year.