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Cardiac Science To Ensure Public Safety

In modern day, due to lifestyle and many other changes, the health risks that people face have increased in number, diversity and frequency. The need to address these risks has also assumed critical position, driving the health and medical industry into a corner to catch up with the ailments.

AED Defibrillators - Basic Overview Of The Mechanism Powered by RebelMouse

The human heart is a complex machine that works to keep your body alive and moving. The importance of this integral component in your system cannot ever be over-emphasized. It contains special pacemaker cells that generate electrical impulses responsible for powering this organ. And these cells are ...

Saving Lives With Automated Defibrillators

AED defibrillator can simply bring people back from dead. Timely cardiac interventions are known to save countless lives and medical practitioners depend upon high quality defibrillators for saving patients. Cardiac arrest is one of the biggest killers worldwide and nowadays, companies are manufacturing easy to use AED mechanisms. This increases the possibility of at home use especially needed for patients suffering from chronic heart diseases and those in critical conditions.

Getting The Best Results From Your Cardiac Defibrillator

Philips Heartstart and other state of the art medical devices are bringing hope where none existed before. In keeping with the needs of the patient, the brands are creating extremely user-friendly options that can offer critical help.

An AED is the device you see very commonly in movies, the one that involves sending electricity through a person’s heart when they get a cardiac arrest. This treatment is effective when the heart stops working, or goes into fibrillation mode, which is commonly known as cardiac arrest.

Medical science has reached to the levels where life can be seen beyond just the medicines and hospitalization. Few statistics depict the data of many people who could merely stand up just because of the vacillation and fear of seeing someone being suffered from a cardiac arrest or a heart attack.

If you have ever watched someone on the brink of death, brought back to life by a doctor who yells “clear” after a giving a jerk of electricity to the chest at a TV medical show, then the machine that the doctor uses is called a defibrillator. The use of defibrillators is not restricted to hospitals only; it can be done at home if you have an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Many of us have heard about it and must have even seen being used in many movies.Imagine a person having a Sudden Cardiac Arrest event,surrounded by doctors and nurses carrying a device trying to pump the heart through a dose of electrical current. This treatment is called defibrillation - the most common treatment for life threatening cardiac arrhythmia- irregularity in a rhythm, especially of heartbeats or brain waves.

It has been statistically proven that Sudden Cardiac Arrests have begun to claim a huge chunk of people’s lives these days. This fact can be attributed to numerous reasons, with the most prominent ones being unhealthy fast food and stress. Sudden Cardiac Arrests are unprecedented events that can happen anywhere at any time. If prompt treatment is not administered, it can result in death. To help reduce the percentage of lives claimed by Sudden Cardiac Arrest, a technique called defibrillation was conceived.

Importance Of The Philips Heartstart Onsite/Home Defibrillator

People who have cardiac problems need to be extremely careful and prepared to deal with Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Cardiac Arrest can be deadly, it is better to stay alert of the threatand be prepared.

Knowledge Of Automated External Defibrillators

Zoll AED is a great option for anyone looking to purchase an AED and begin an AED program.The presence and use of an AED can prevent death during SCA. Visit for more info. Be prepared to Save a life.

AED Management and Maintenance is important is one of the most trusted names when it comes to Philips AEDs, Cardiac Science AEDs and other similar AED/CPR products needed to maintain cardiac health.

AED Defibrillators – Going Through Reviews Before Selecting Your Brand is one of the most trusted names when it comes to Philips AED, Philips Headstart and other similar products needed to maintain cardiac health.

Significance Of Defibrillators is the renowned distributor of all AED Defibrillator brands & accessories.

The History Of Defibrillation

Defibrillation is a process in which the life threatening conditions of cardiac arrest is treated via electric shock. The process involves the application of an electric pulse to the heart to cause depolarization of the cardiac muscles and then re-establishing normal conduction of its electrical impulses. To know about Heartsine Samaritan Pad, visit

BLS Certification - How To Get It

Every professional in healthcare must get BLS certification and training. To know about Heartsine Samaritan Pad, visit

What Is An AED And How It Helps Heart Patients? is one of the most trusted names when it comes to Philips AED, Philips HeartStart and other AED brandsfor the treatment of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

All About Defibrillator

The human body has evolved to reign supreme on earth but that is largely because of our big brains. Our body, on the whole,has always been quite fragile and weak as compared to some other dominant species on the planet such as lions and elephants and the humpback whale.To learnmore about Heartsine Samaritan Pad, visit

AED Defibrillators – All You Need To Know

AnAED defibrillator is a portable, lightweight medical device that sends an electric shock from the chest towards the heart. This shock stops the irregular rhythm of the heart and allows the regular rhythm to be resumed in the case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest as it can cause a rapid loss in functioning which, if not treated in minutes, can also lead to death.

Understanding A Defibrillator

Adefibrillator is a tiny device which is placed on the chest of the cardiac patient in order to detect abnormal heartbeats. When the heartbeat of the patient is too fast or begins to beat unsteadily, this electronic device sends electrical shocks to a person's heart, getting it to beat back at a normal rhythm.To learn more about the LIFEPAK defibrillator, visit

Choose Life-Saving Automated External Defibrillators (AEDS) is one of the most trusted names when it comes to Philips AED, Philips Heartstart and other similar products needed to maintain cardiac health.

Choose The Smartest & Easiest AED Defibrillator Devices

Modern technological equipment has the ability to support and save lives in a dramatic manner. They have the required technological understanding that can help to save a person suffering from the most severe cardiac arrest.

AED - A Sure Shot Solution To The Cardiac Arrest Problem

Sudden cardiac arrest is the world’s deadliest problem. It is often caused by different types of critical (abnormal) heart conditions. Most sudden cardiac arrests occur when the heart's electrical system automatically fails to function properly and starts producing an abnormal rhythm such as ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation.

Effectiveness Of Fully Functional AED Defibrillators

Each year, millions of people all across the globe lost their lives from sudden cardiac arrest, according to the latest medical research as well as medical associations.AED is one of the best life-saving devices that is highly suitable for such critical medical emergencies.