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Updated by Paul Marsh on Sep 29, 2015
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5 Ways to Promote Your Brand at the Point of Sale

Point of Sale or POS displays and other promotional items can be used to reinforce your products on the shelf and encourage consumers, through being eye catching or unusual, to choose your product.

If you’ve never done any POS promotions before here are 5 great ways of promoting your brand:


Leaflet Dispensers

Leaflet Dispensers

Arguably the most common form of Point of Sale promotion, the humble leaflet dispenser is everywhere from your local supermarket to the chip shop and doctor’s surgery. Dispensers are a versatile option, available in floor-standing or wall-mounted varieties to hold leaflets, business cards and brochures of various sizes.


Dump Bins

They may sound like a rubbish idea but dump bins are a cost effective way to draw attention to your products at the Point of Sale. Often used in shops as a way to promote items that are currently on offer, dump bins can be as simple or highly customised as you wish to catch the consumer’s eye and get them to investigate the products in the bin.



They might sound like a small child having a tantrum (and yes this often happens in a retail environment!) but wobblers are actually a great way to arrest the eye and promote your special offers. They often appear as printed cards in various shapes attached to the shelf edge with a thin strip, so that they will happily bounce around as consumers browse the available products. When placed on the shelf next to your product they enhance those items, making them stand out from the crowd.



As one of the most versatile options in your POS kit, the banner is ideal for attracting attention from a distance. These point of sale promotions are great in busy retail environments where shoppers’ eyes may be distracted by a number of different promotions. Combining banners with other POS items such as dump bins and leaflet dispensers, you can really draw the crowds to your brand.



One of the most important elements of Point of Sale promotions is positioning your materials in the right places. With showcards you can place promotional posters at eye level or below so that they are not easily missed. Showcards can be floor-standing or fixed to the wall, they can even be attached to trolleys in supermarkets to keep your marketing message in full view for the duration of the consumer’s visit.


Want to find out more?

There are many ways to promote your brand at the Point of Sale and we hope these top 5 have given you a taste of what is possible. To find out more or to make enquiries about promoting your products through POS displays please visit The MPC website.