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Updated by Rob Edwards on Sep 29, 2015
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5 Foods to Avoid When Wearing Braces

Here is a list of our top 5 foods that should be avoided when wearing braces.


Hard whole fruits and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are absolutely essential to a healthy diet, however, there are certain fruit and veg that can damage your braces. Fruits like apples and pears, as well as a number of other similar fruits should not be eaten whole. However, rather than cutting them out of your diet completely, you can simply peel them and cut them up into smaller, bite sized pieces.

Vegetables like raw carrots, celery and radish can be just as hard on your teeth. Try cutting them into smaller pieces, or cook them until they are soft.


Crunchy foods

Crunchy foods

The list of crunchy foods may be long, but foods like hard cookies, boiled sweets, pretzels, crusty breads and other crunchy snacks can damage braces. Pizza crusts should also be avoided, along with nuts and seeds. Be wary of foods such as chocolate, especially if it has been refrigerated, as it can be hard on braces. Ice is another common culprit for damaging metal braces – leave it in your drink and avoid the temptation to bite and chew on it.


Meat from the bone

It’s always best to avoid eating meat straight from the bone, as you could easily pop a bracket or misalign your brackets. Meats such as chicken wings or ribs should be removed from the bone before you eat them, or if it is difficult to cut the meat off the bone, simply choose another cut of meat instead.


Sugary foods and drinks

Whilst soft sugary foods and fizzy drinks and fruit juices aren’t likely to damage your braces, tooth decay can be a big problem for people who wear braces. Very sweet foods and drinks can damage your teeth when consumed on a regular basis, eating up calcium in your teeth, feeding bacteria in your mouth and creating plaque. Wearing braces means it is more difficult to clean your teeth and sugar is more likely to become trapped in between wires and brackets. To lessen the chances of having problems with tooth decay, it is always best to limit the amount of sweet foods or drinks you consume.