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Tips for Travelling with Kids - Travel Tips for Vacationing with Children

Holidaying with the family is a dream come true for most but travelling with the young ones does present its own set of challenges. Here are some tried and tested tips for a successful family holiday.


Reality Check

Regardless of diligent planning and money spent there is a sizable amount of activities and fun that can be had during a family holiday and maintaining one's expectations at that level can combat a lot of stress and resentment during the vacation period. What can be accomplished is heavily reliant on the ages of the children and their tolerance, stamina and attitude towards the holiday and parents need to make allowances for unforeseen circumstances whenever children are incorporated in to travel plans.


Preparing for Travel

This means more than preparing the clothing, luggage and travel arrangements for the family as psychological preparation is important for both parents and children to get in to the right mindset and attitude before the holiday. Toddlers and young children could have fears of flying and being in unfamiliar surroundings for a week or two. Talking to the young ones and dispelling anxieties and questions they may have regarding a holiday is therefore very important. Planning the holiday with the children, incorporate their ideas and showing online pictures of the destination and its highlights can get the kids excited instead of anxious about the trip.


Air Travel Do's and Don'ts

Parents travelling with toddlers or young kids small enough to sit on their lap should book an extra seat if the budget allows. Those who cannot afford it can inquire about empty seats or cancellations upon arrival or during the check-in process. Having a separate seat for the child is imperative during long haul flights as kids also need rest and a space of their own. Hunger, boredom and tiredness can make children especially cranky during air travel and parents should have a favorite toy, games, snacks and other items that generally appeals to the child on hand.


Pack a Stroller

When travelling around a foreign country or a tourist hub with small children a stroller can serve as both an easy way to transport the kids from point A to B but also as a means of keeping them safe as they cannot run about or get lost in the crowd. Strollers can also help keep children from feeling tired during lengthy walking spells and it will be easier for parents than carrying the kids as well.


Reserve Accommodation in a Family Oriented Hotel

This could be the single most important takeaway for parents as securing accommodation that is suitable for a family can eliminate a great number of undesirable experiences during a vacation with kids. Looking in to kids clubs and other activities available on-site at the resort is key prior to the selection process. An Anantara Vacation Club Resort which is known to house the best vacation club facilities for kids is one option available to families in search of a truly integrated family resort.


Make an Itinerary for Each Day

This is a rough sketch of what each day will encompass to help parents keep track of how time is spent during the vacation and a great way to ensure they don't miss out on important highlights. Although one need not adhere to the schedule diligently it can serve as a basic itinerary to make the most of the time available.