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5 Historical Forts to Visit in Oman - Explore Oman's Most Iconic Fortresses

As a country with a rich and at time tumultuous history Oman is home to a large number of towering fortresses. Monumental and grand, here are some of the country's most visited and famous forts.


Jibrin Fort

Occupying pride of place in Welayat Bahla the Jibrin Fort is located in its namesake town in one of Oman's historic regions. Believed to have been built by Bala'rab bin Sultan bin Seif Al Ya'arubi the mammoth structure is spread out over three floors and is a whopping 43m in height. Stretching across 72m in its eastern boundary wall the 22m width structure with 55 chambers is a stunning example of Omani architecture. Serving as the last resting place of the Imam Bala'rab bin Sultan bin Seif Al Ya'arubi the fortress was designed to serve as both a castle as well as a defence mechanism and final resting place for the beloved cultural icon. Beautifully restored to its original splendour visitors can walk the grounds of this grand fort while on holiday.


Nizwa Fort

As one of the more famous fortresses occupying Oman the Nizwa Fort is an iconic structure as well as the site of great historic significance in the country. Constructed by Sultan bin Seif bin Malik Al Ya'arubi, the then Sulatan and Imam of the country the breathtaking feat of architecture and engineering rook a whopping 12 years to complete and it is reported that the Sultan bin Seif bin Malik Al Ya'arubi spent everything he earned from the conquest of Dio. Famed for its unusual location and awe inspiring height the Nizwa Fort is located in the heart of its namesake township and the former location of the castle of the same name built by Al Salt bin Malik Al Carouse. Having undergone a restoration effort in 1990 the fort now showcases conventional handicrafts as well as other historic relics within its confines.


Rustaq Fort

Dating back to the 6th Century B.C during Oman's Pre Islamic Period this well-known fortress in Rustaq is another must-visit highlight for history buffs touring Oman. Made almost entirely of a unique blend of stones, mud bricks and mortar the complex encompasses a number of building that were used as a defence mechanism, as households and as storage areas as well. Home to the Bayadha Mosque the remains of Sultan bin Seif are also contained within the Rustaq Fort.


Bahla Fort

As one of the few forts in Oman that are shaped in the form of a triangle the Bahla Fort is also believed to have been constructed during the country's Pre-Islamic era. Renovated and refurbished on three different occasions throughout the annals of time the venue has earned itself a place on the UNESCO Heritage Site as a heritage structure of global significance.


Sohar Fort

Situated in Sohar town's Harat Al Hajara the Sohar Fort is believed to have been built in 179 A.H. Having served as the administrative seat of power for the Al Busaid royal family the fort that was commissioned to be built during the era of Nasser bin Murshid Al Ya'arubi was renovated by the Omani government in 1985 and encompasses a museum as of 1993. Visitors searching for Top Hotels in Oman should look no further than Oman Hotels for the best accommodation in Sohar and other locations across the country.