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Best Sports & Leisure in Gin Gin Queensland - fun for everyone

In the alluring town of Gin Gin in Queensland you will find a number of sports and leisure options. These varied leisure options means that there is something for everyone, as listed below.


Gin Gin Bowls Club

The engrossing game of bowls has secured a reputation as an involving and enjoyable pursuit appealing to a diverse number of enthusiasts. If you are a committed enthusiast or just a curious novice, make sure to drop in at Gin Gin Bowls Club to involve yourself in the game. At this laidback club you will have the opportunity to try out the art of bowling, and also receive some useful tips from experts in the game. On certain days non-members are welcome to drop in at the club to try out this fascinating game. The club features extra equipment for this purpose, so if you desire to try out the game, make it a point to do so.


Bundaberg Indoor Sports

This attractive indoor sports centre is sure to appeal to those who desire to engage in enjoyable sporting pastimes in a relaxed laidback environment. This sports centre is particularly well-known for the engrossing sport of netball, with a number of formats available for enthusiasts; you will be able to participate in ladies', mixed or junior netball at this well-reputed sports club. Another feature at this club is indoor cricket, a captivating sport that many amateur players will enjoy. Indoor sports are always a good option for sports enthusiasts as you can play irrespective of the weather outside, in comfort and convenience.


Rum City Paintball Club Inc.

There is nothing like a good game of paintball to quicken the pulse and lift the spirits. At Rum City Paintball Club you will find a great environment for this enjoyable sport, where you can enjoy many hours of fun and recreation. Paintball is a team sport that involves strategy and planning, and will provide hours of good fun for participants of all ages. At Rum City Paintball you will be able to obtain all the equipment that is needed for this popular pursuit, which you will be able to enjoy with friends or acquaintances.


Laser Skirmish Wide Bay

Laser Skirmish is an enjoyable non-contact team sport that most people will enjoy and relish. In this enthralling pursuit players target each other using realistic-looking laser guns. Unlike in paintball, there is no actual projectile that will make contact with participants. Instead, Laser Skirmish uses advanced technology to create an enjoyable and competitive sport that is accessible to all. At Laser Skirmish Wide Bay you will find all the necessary equipment and facilities to indulge in this one of a kind pastime. If you wish to try out these sports and leisure options and desire Gin Gin accommodation QLD an excellent choice would be the Country Comfort Gin Gin. This appealing Gin Gin accommodation offers comfortable rooms and attentive hospitality so as to assure a pleasant stay.


Windell School of Riding Equestrian Enterprises & Training Centre

At this well-reputed equestrian centre you will have the opportunity to indulge in your favoured pastime if you are an experienced rider, or take your first steps in the sport if you are a novice. At Windell School of Riding you will find all the necessary equipment to indulge in this invigorating pursuit, which participants of all experience levels will enjoy. Visitors will also be able to avail themselves of informative instruction and guidance so that they can take their initial steps in the sport without fear or hesitation.