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Here are some health related articles that you must be interested in. You can find more health tips and articles on Healthkumbh.

What should be part of your daily work out plan

Workout are mustYou must do exercises. Yes, to live healthier, to live longer, live enlightened. And you should have a regular schedule to make the optimum output of your activities. This image shows

Best baby care tips for new moms

10 best baby care tips for new moms
Here are some useful parenting tips for moms, who have just delivered a baby, to recollect with themselves, and take care of their baby as well.
• If your chil

10 fruits to eat during pregnancy

Pregnancy is specialEveryone woman believes that pregnancy is a special phase of life. And really it is. It changes the whole body, including appearance, physiology and body requirements etc. A pregna

Know in detail about KNEE Replacement.

Due to age related friction, or past trauma, or metabolic diseases like gout, or immunological diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or some medical condition like obesity(over weight), hypothyroidism,di

What is Interventional Pain Management & Treatment of Back Pain

What is Interventional Pain Management?

According to the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP), interventional pain management is a

Top 10 health tips to prevent heart attack

Care that can reduce the chances of heart attack1. Stop smokingSmoking causes narrowing of the lumen of the vessels, ultimately leading to decreased blood supply to heart.2. Pay attention to what you

Foods to boost your metabolism

You must have a good metabolism to maintain health. And your food affects it most. Here the image shows you a list of foods you can chose .

10 most effective ways to live healthier life

12 simple but highly effective health tips to stay healthy
A rock solid way to think positively can help you flourish for the duration of your life. Following good health tips isn't generally simple

Infertility & Its Causes

What is Infertility..?Infertility is defined as a couple's failure to conceive a child after one year of regular sexual intercourse without birth control. In about 40 percent of all cases of infertili

What can be consequence of Eye injury

Eye injury , even imagination is scaryEye injury is one of the most disabling injuries, and we must care to prevent it. Eye is the organ helping us see this beautiful world.What can cause eye injuryIn

How to do Self examination of breasts to detect breast cancer

Ladies! Hope you never get diagnosed with Breast Cancer, but not hope alone works. You better self-examine first and get assured.
Here is how:
There are both, signs and symptoms related to Breast

What is DRY Eyes & its Symptoms.

Tears keep the surface of the eyes Clean and Protects your eyes from infections.Tears also provide constant moisture and lubricant to maintain the vision and comfort to the eyes.If your eyes do not pr

What you should know about ankle fracture

Know everything about Ankle Fractures and their types
A lower leg crack is in simple words an ankle fracture. It is normally analyzed through an X-Ray treatment that tells us everything. Treatment i

What are the Indications of Root Canal Treatment

RCT is performed in either single or multiple visits, depending on the condition of the tooth and after assessment of the damage occurred. In this treatment, the damaged pulp tissue commonly referred


Many couples noadays feel decreased sexual desire. And this affects their life in many aspects. Sexual desire decreases in some diseases in body, but it is also affected

Peripheral Neuropathy, slow but dangerous damage to your limbs

Know about Peripheral NeuropathyThe affection of nerves- sensory/motor in the limbs is called peripheral neuropathy. The most common cause of neuropahty is diabetes. Diabetes patients over the ti

Is breast implant safe?

Yes, provided it is done by the right surgeon at the right hospital and for the right indication.
Breast augmentation — also known as augmentation mammoplasty — is a surgical procedure to


Knee joint: Basic structure
A. Healthy knee joint:

  • Knee joint is formed by the thigh bone (Femur) and shin bone (tibia).
  • Knee cap (Patella) lies in front of the knee joint.
  • Knee joint is li
Your elbow pain may be due to tennis elbow, know more about it

Tennis elbow, yes you read it rightHave you ever suffered from the pain in elbow? And you wonder why it happens repeatedly. You must know about tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is one of the most commo

Know about unbearable heel pain , Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis : Heel pain you do not like The pain in the heel needs detailed evaluation and imaging to confirm the cause of the pain and hence the diagnosis. It can be planter fasciitis

10 Healthiest things you should do to be healthy

Following are 10 most important things to do in order to be healthyDo not take empty calories, as you get from alcoholDo at least 1 hour of exerciseDrink 2 liters of water every dayDrink 3 cups of gre

Top 10 hormone balancing foods

Image is really nice, and it shows the list of foods which can help you balance your hormones. Hormones are released in our body, and in very micro quantities. But they make big difference in how our

Knee joint injection for Arthritis

This is a short video demonstrating the injection of Hyaluronic acid into knee joint.This video is for educational purpose only


INTRODUCTION:                Kidney stones, or renal calculi, are solid masses made of crystals. Kidney stones usually o


The common cold is an ailment that affects us not just during
the winter, but also at other times of the year and it can be quite a draining
experience. There