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K2B Solutions

K2B Solutions - Web design and Mobile app Development Company for the past 10 years into this industry. We have expertise team who can work on all latest web and mobile technologies. Also we have joined our hands with lot of partners where we have associated as development team with them.


Lakshmiammal St, Balavinayagar Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600106, India

Lakshmiammal St, Balavinayagar Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600106, India

K2B Solutions is highly ranked among the top web services development company in India. We mainly focus on mobile apps development, website designing and development, digital marketing and IT consulting. With a team of skilled professionals and tech savvies, K2B Solutions provide end to end solutions to our clients making them stand out from their competitors.

From the year of establishment, K2B Solutions have been in the top slot of the offshore development companies making relationships with clients across the globe. We deliver projects not only on time but with the desired industry quality resulting in hype in the client’s business.

We also have long term relationships with our clients and offer them brilliant solutions for their entire mobile and web applications.Blending latest technology and proven techniques have been our power over the past decade. This helps our clients to stay up to date with the happening market. We also have in mind the cost constraints and time restrictions which results in on-time delivery.

We not only do business but also help others to partner with us. K2B Solutions, as a company, gives an open call to small web development companies or web service providers to partner with us resulting in a collaboration that makes small business grow. Partnering with us gives many advantages to your business resulting in an enormous growth.

K2B Solutions will be a perfect place if you are searching for a web service company to build your business website or to develop a mobile applications that suits your business. With latest technology and emerging trend, your product will be available in no time. Contact us now and make your online presence strong.

Restaurant Business Online | Restaurant Mobile App - K2B

Restaurant owners - Here is something that you would love to use Food! Food!! Food!!! Tasty! Delicious!! Yummy!!! We are sure that no one hates food. That too a dish from one of the people's favourite restaurants - no one never dares to hate it.

Important Hacks To Improve App Reviews and App Downloads

Important hacks to improve mobile app reviews and downloads Mobile apps play a vital role in the business of all sectors. Not only in business but also in people's day-to-day life, they act more important to carry everyday tasks.

What is Mobility Solutions | Enterprise Mobility Management

4 reasons why enterprise mobility management is perfect for businesses We are now in the world in which the mobile phones almost rule everything, say from everyday activities to every business transactions. This ability shows that the everything in the future is going be in the hands of the mobile devices (Smartphone, iPad, tablets, phablets, etc.).

iBeacon Vs Eddystone: The creative war between the beacons

iBeacon Vs Eddystone: Transmission war between the small yet powerful devices Stores and businesses are competing very hard to satisfy their clients and customers and they are also implementing the current technology launches to keep things updated in business. Beacon has become one such system that - in recent times - serves every industry starting from travel to retail.

5 Important Reasons for SEO Friendly Website Design - K2B

5 important reasons why your website should be SEO friendly "For every successful online presence, SEO is very important" It has now become mandatory that if you run a business, you should have a website live. Also, it is important that the website should have all the primary information about the business.

Amazon AWS IoT - What is Amazon Web Services - IoT Apps

Interesting things you need to know about AWS IoT Smart devices are ruling almost everything and the demand for these devices are increasing day after day. People are likely to fall for anything that is sure to be an excellent support for their everyday activities.

Eddystone Beacon - Google Eddystone - Beacon Development

Google Beacon "Eddystone" - The Lighthouse of Your Business It has been more that two years since the Apple's iBeacon was launched and from then they have never gone down in creating hype in the industry. Recently, many corporate of different scales (say small, medium and large size) and individuals started recognizing the real value and service these iBeacons offer.

Google 2016 - 3 most expected google search results

Google 2016: 3 most expected patents that alters search results Google has always been the #1 source for all the queries that raises every day. The Search Engine giant makes sure everything is updated, and the people get the relevant answer to their questions.

Mobile Apps for Your Business Excellence Delivered!

Get Webdesign Support from Us (by K2B Solutions)

We Optimize Website for Humans & Not for Search Engines

Get Webdesign Support from Us (by K2B Solutions)

Google's Mobile Friendly Algorithm is ON Now

We are Up-to-date, Your Competitors are Up-to-date & Why don't you? Don't Worry!!! We are here to help you. Google rolled out its mobile-friendly algorithm on April,2015. If your brand doesn't have a mobile friendly website, then you are sure to be out of search race as the algorithm only crawls website that are responsive...

Let Your Customers Find You Online

Get Webdesign Support from Us (by K2B Solutions)

Google CEO Sundar Pichai - 6 Important Facts for India

Fast fix and the important six from the mouth of Sundar Pichai at 'Google for India' India has become a hotspot to many tech giants as many innovators are profound to be from this sub-continent. It is making heads turn with creative innovations and the potential of people in it.

Magento Migration - Magento 2 - eCommerce Web Development

Stop Wasting Time And Start Migrating to Magento 2 eCommerce industry in one of the most upcoming and developing industry in this fast-moving tech world. But, having one of the best eCommerce store is never easy as the technology and the mindset of buyers always changes.

Web Design 2015 - Web Designing and Development Market 2015

What happened in 2015? - The Enlightenment of Web Market 2015 has been a excellent year for the tech and digital industry. Now, we have come to an end of the year and its time for us to recall and highlight the things happened in this beautiful tech year.

Hire Beacon App Development Company | iBeacon Development

Why to hire a beacon application development company for retailer industry? New things always have a hype as they promise improvements to the society and the people living around. One thing that made a huge turnover in 2015 was the beacon devices.


Custom Ecommerce Website Development - K2B Solutions

Custom Ecommerce Website Development - K2B Solutions

Custom Ecommerce website – a tailored website wont to manage all of your on-line businesses. It helps you to draw in web shoppers and build them engaged along with your on-line store. you'll be able to build changes in your websites simply supported your business needs.

Secrets of Web Design Trends | Website Design India - K2B

At Last, The Secret To Design a Trending Website Is Revealed All time hottest schema to revolve around the technology would be web designing and development. Yes, the web design industry is completely busy all round the year as they prepare something new for the future days.

Digital Transformation 2016 - K2B Solutions

Digital transformation is the use of any digital technology to offer best-in-the-class services, practices and experiences. It also has many advantages as it helps every organization to stay in the race of this digital market. the below inforgraphic has everything you need to know about digital transformation in 2016.

Enterprise Trends 2016 | Enterprise App Development - K2B

How to win clients and influence markets with 2016's enterprise apps trends? The business world has started evolving towards a more technical base called as the mobile applications. They have started realizing that this is the appropriate time for them to shift their base apps to the mobile platforms to help support their future of the business.

UX Design Tips for Web Design Business | K2B Solutions

4 incredibly useful UX design tips for businesses Getting on the right track is a denticulated process but once in the track is sure to win races with a huge sum as a price. The Web and mobile apps development industry is a place where people win big when they implement the correct and appropriate practices.

Tips to Streamline AWS IoT - PaaS Database - K2B Solutions

Got stuck? Here is an important tip to streamline your AWS IoT process Internet of Things (IoT) is going way beyond encouraging many new possibilities to handle things in the future. It is still in the early stages of being implemented for a longer run and getting the spotlight of many enterprises to handle larger data.

Top 10 Technology Trends of 2016

Top 10 Technology Trends of 2016 - Inforgraphic The new year has began and lot of us expect many new thing to happen this year. 2016 is said to be a year with lot of surprises for the technology industries like web designing and development industry, virtual and augmented reality industry, Smart devices industry and...

  • K2B Solutions - Web design and Mobile app Development Company for the past 10 years into this industry. We have expertise team who can work on all latest web and mobile technologies. Also we have joined our hands with lot of partners where we have associated as development team with them.

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