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Updated by Paul Wick on Sep 22, 2015
Headline for 5 Best Adventure Water Activities to do in Seminyak - Discover Seminyak's Top Five Thrilling Water Sports Activities
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5 Best Adventure Water Activities to do in Seminyak - Discover Seminyak's Top Five Thrilling Water Sports Activities

Tipped to be one of Bali's water sports hubs Seminyak is a dream come true for adventure sports enthusiasts. Here are some of the area's top activities for thrill seekers young and old.


Water Skiing

Often regarded as a water sports activity for athletic and adventurous beachgoers water skiing is a popular activity among Seminyak's tourist populace as well. As an exciting activity that tests the agility and skills of the riders the best place to enjoy a day of water skiing in Seminyak is of course off the coast of Tanjung Benoa Beach. With riders on ski boards gliding across the water lead by a motorized power boat travelling at high speeds the activity not only offers visitors a once in a lifetime water based adventure but a unique view of Seminyak's coastline as well. Water ski operators in the area provide life jackets as well as other gear required at affordable costs while an average ride take a mere 15 minutes to complete.



Combining water sports with aerodynamics parasailing is another popular activity among seasoned vacationers to the area. Offering participants the opportunity to view Bali's stunning coastlines from a unique vantage point parasailing is another exciting activity that is well suited for speed fanatics and adrenalin junkies alike. Propelling visitors 100m above the air the activity literally takes water skiing to new heights. Flying high above the beach like an airborne surfer parasailing is the best way to experience Bali's captivating shorelines and enjoy a water sport activity at the same time.


Banana Boat

Often regarded as one of the best water bound activities available for group travellers vacationing in Seminyak banana boat rides are a fun and engaging activity the whole family can enjoy together. Boarding a banana shaped inflated sailing vessel the ride on a banana boat allows visitors to uncover the crystal clear water off the coast of Seminyak at their own pace. Exciting and thrilling the activity can also be enjoyed as a couple with each ride taking a mere 15 minutes to complete. A boat captain will also be on board to drive the banana boat and ensure the safety of the riders while Tanjung Benoa Beach is typically considered the best venue to engage in the sport.


Jet Ski

Perfect for thrill seekers who wish to take matters in to their own hands Jet Ski excursions are another great way to enjoy the sandy beaches of Seminyak and its shallow waters. Often compared to hitting the open road on a motorbike the motorized Jet Skis glide across the ocean at break neck speeds thanks to the 700cc Drive Power of its jet. Available for hire through a number of tour operators in Seminyak visitors can learn the basics of operating the high speed ocean vehicle in a matter of minutes before heading out to crash waves and enjoy a ride.



Exploring the diverse fish species and coral gardens of Seminyak's underwater landscapes a snorkelling expedition in Seminyak is an adventure of a lifetime for marine life enthusiasts. Guided by a professional snorkellers visitors can explore the area's best snorkelling hotspots and uncover sea beds littered with multi-coloured corals and fish varieties. Visitors based in Seminyak luxury villas belonging to Samaja Villas Beachside can book a snorkelling tour of the area through the hotel.