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10 Reasons to Visit Thailand - an enthralling nation

There are undoubtedly many reasons to visit the captivating nation of Thailand. Offering a host of attractions, Thailand provides appealing features that will entice the traveller, as listed below.


Thailand is very affordable

Visitors will find that their money can go a long way in Thailand. You will find a host of convenient guesthouses and hotels that charge less than $20 a night. Food is similarly inexpensive, with street food available for very low prices. On the other hand, if you have plenty of cash to spend on your holiday, you will find that your money will buy you quality accommodations and amenities for considerably less than you would spend at home. Nevertheless, for all of those who would like to spend on some fine hospitality there are many options like the Citadines Vic3 Bangkok that offer exclusive accommodation and facilities. Located within close proximity to most commercial hubs and leisure parks it assures convenience & comfort to every visitor.



Thailand is justifiably renowned for its shopping opportunities. If you like exploring exotic marketplaces filled with unusual goods and great bargains, this country is sure to delight. The city marketplaces offer everything from footwear to artworks, and are engrossing places to explore and browse through. On the other hand if you prefer modern malls, Bangkok offers some of the largest and most impressive in the region.


Wonderful food

Thai food is almost universally acknowledged as amongst the tastiest in the world. The food in this country is delicious, there is great variety and offers great value for money as well. Naturally you will find favourites like pad thai with curry, alongside noodle dishes, salads, snacks and outstanding Thai-style fried chicken.


Attractive cities

Bangkok is a vibrant, bustling city which is always a pleasure to visit and explore. Chiang Mai is another interesting metropolis. Both of these cities offer historical and cultural attractions, interesting architecture, delicious food options and many interesting diversions. If you are considering star hotels in Bangkok, an excellent choice would be the Vic3 Bangkok, a convenient accommodation that offers value and comfort.


Wonderful beaches

Thailand boasts a selection of the finest beaches to be found on the globe. You will find picturesque sandy expanses, clear comfortably warm waters and splendid marine sights to view when swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving. Irrespective of whether you desire seclusion or partying on the beach, Thailand will not disappoint.


Sunshine the year round

Whether you arrive in the country in May or December, you will find warm temperatures, sunny skies and usually clear conditions. The seasons in this region are quite different from those in Western countries; they can be categorized as warm, cool and rainy. Visitors will usually encounter pleasant weather conditions ideal for relaxing and exploring.


Travel convenience

Once you are in Thailand, you will find that it is cheap and easy to move around in the country. Visitors will enjoy quick and inexpensive domestic air travel at very reasonable rates. You will also be able to avail yourself of many other convenient modes of travel within the country.


Buddhist heritage

There is no doubt that Buddhism is Thailand's major religion. This religion influences many aspects of life in the country, from architecture to the social norms. The main cities each offer a splendid selection of attractive Buddhist shrines to visit.


The people

Thai people are renowned for their smiles and pleasant disposition. Although you may occasionally encounter an individual who is not smiling, generally you will find that the Thai people are kind, open and friendly.



Thailand is unquestionably renowned for its lively nightlife. You will find a splendid array of nightlife venues in many places around the country, often with a variety and diversity that offer something for everyone. In addition to the go-go bars you will find many regular nightclubs, discos and conventional bars, so that you can dance or party the night away in a venue of your choosing.