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Updated by Christian Piatt on Sep 23, 2015
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Title My New Book, Win $100 in Books

I'm writing a new book and need your help. It's funny, irreverent and deals with faith and culture, if we're religious or not. Check out the first chapter linked in the blog post. Some content was influenced by the original title and can be tweaked to fit a new title. Add your TITLE AND SUBTITLE & vote. The winner gets copies of my last six books, valued at $100. I'll also give you credit inside the book! I reserve the right to "veto" the final title but the title with the most votes still gets the books.


Dear God, We Suck: Becoming Better People, With or Without Religion



A Jerk With A Halo Is Still A Jerk.


Dear God, We're All A**holes: becoming better people, with or without religion


A**hole Christian Survival Guide: Prepare for the A-hole Apocalypse


Jez Bayes

"Human Life: An Unofficial User's Manual."

12 ways we suck ...
... and 12 steps towards being better people.


Nones, Dones and Prodigal Sons


Melanie D.

God loves me; so why am I still such an a**hole, and what can I do about it?