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Updated by Targetlogistics Management on Apr 29, 2016
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Target Logistics

Target Logistics recently announced plans to build a new 200 - bed man camp somewhere in West Texas for “one of the world’s largest independent oil and natural gas exploration and production companies,” at a time when occupancy rates at such facilities suffer from the oil and gas downturn.

As many Boomers face retirement, the industry is set to retain a workforce that, to date, is lacking necessary experience and skills. This gap is a threat to the industry and its competitive edge in an evolving, unpredictable marketplace.

Cheecham Lodge Gets Approval To Forge Ahead With Renovation And Expansion

Target Logistics is pleased to announce that the Cheecham Lodge has been granted its development review permit. This means that work will begin immediately on the $10 million renovation and expansion project.

Target Logistics Commences Extreme Makeover Of Former Chard Camp

To make its Canadian debut, Target Logistics is taking a weathered, 20-year-old camp south of Fort McMurray and turning it into something special. Based on research conducted among oil worker , the all-new Cheecham Lodge formerly Chard.

According to Target Logistics, the global housing provider has secured two contracts with two separate clients for a total roughly $50 million spanning over the next three years.

It’s a fact that a lack of sleep impacts health. A lack of sleep can wreak havoc on productivity, causing people to be less attentive, make more mistakes, process information more slowly, miss or misinterpret social and emotional cues and impair decision-making.

The world's the largest provider of turnkey workforce housing solutions for gas exploration, oil fields, mining operations and more. It takes creativity, flexibility and accountability. And that's exactly what you get with Target Logistics, the largest provider of remote turnkey workforce housing in the United States.

The mobile worker is the one who work in more than one place or they travel as the part of their job. Similar way, the mobile workforce usually refers to a group of employees that are widespread across different physical locations while being connected by the computers, Smartphone as well as other devices through the Internet.

“Workforce Housing: Other 12 Hours” – A Recruitment and Retention Strategy

One of the reason is most of the works will be retiring due to aging factor and most of the new workers are unwilling to take the jobs as they would stay away from home for a quite good time. Secondly, another issue faced is that the companies are not able to maintain the existing workers due to the poor living condition. is based in Texas,US and prides itself in providing best solutions for housing. We provides temporary housing, man camps, modular housing and emergency housing. Target Logistics gives you whatever you need. Because we do whatever it takes.

Target Logistics & Its Services

Whether you are looking for long- or short-term workforce housing, facilities management, remote catering, transportation logistics or security, Target Logistics gives you whatever you need. It takes creativity, flexibility & accountability and this presentation is all about services provided by target logistics.

Target Logistics, an Algeco Scotsman company, is the largest provider of turnkey workforce housing solutions in the United States. It operates in some of the most remote environments, supporting oil, gas, mining and construction operations; capital projects; and government agencies with temporary workforce lodging, mobile crew camps and extended-stay hotels.

“As this occurs, the workforce cultures are evolving – bringing much that’s positive, but also numerous challenges. Much has to be done if we’re going to be successful in keeping workers safe and healthy throughout their careers.”

“We will not be reducing our need for energy,” said Elaine Cullen, a long – time researcher for the federal government specializing in workplace health and safety. She is now president of her own company, Prima Consulting Services.

As a result it becomes important to take important steps in order to avert the drug abuse as well as excessive use of the alcohol among the people for increasing the chances of living a long, healthy as well as productive life.

According to the, the current workforce in the oil, gas, mining and constructional industrial areas, there are four recognized generations.

Whether your operations are in the deserts of Mexico, the oil fields of North Dakota or the tundra of Canada, our turnkey workforce housing solutions provide your workers with the nutrition, sleeping accommodations and amenities that research has proven to increase worker productivity.

The Williston City Commission this week passed a $212 million budget for 2016 — about $65 million more than the city expects to bring in next year in revenue.

The CCPA put construction-period jobs at 2,000 to 3,000 over three years and only 200 to 300 permanent jobs. But companies that accurately gauge workforce markets might offer a more accurate snapshot of how many jobs one or two large LNG projects are likely to create.

A unit of Tulsa-based Matrix Service Co. has won the bid to build the six gathering terminals, all in North Dakota. The pipeline would take Bakken and Three Forks light sweet crude to Patoka, IL, where it could be moved to Gulf Coast refineries.

Large Projects Taking Advantage Of Expensive Crude Stymied By Falling Prices

Technology that promised to drastically reduce the amount of energy required to turn natural gas liquids into a building block for chemical production was conceived in the 1980s at Union Carbide.

Energy workers in western North Dakota can use extra time they have available as a result of the slowdown in the oil industry to sharpen their skills or learn new ones via an initiative called Bakken University.

Regardless of where a man works or what they do, one thing is sure: A great night's sleep is indispensable. Then again, in the case of somebody working a night shift, a good day's sleep is basic to working adequately through the night.

It is the perfect and precious partner for the companies, who are looking for their sustainable development goals along with long term profitability.

The results of the first survey that was carried through August 11th to the August 28th revealed that around 50% of the service companies have experiences the gradual decrease in the work volume. As a result, the the most renowned workforce management company has seen a drastic change in the supply & demand of the manpower.