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Best trampoline Guideline

here are all trampoline guide from Domijump , the leading trampoline manufacturer in China

21 Trampoline Safety Tips That May Save Your Child's Life

Rebounding on a trampoline has always been a source of fun and fulfillment for both adults and children. Unfortunately , there poses the threat of possible trampoline injuries especially to the children. To tell you the truth ,there is no safest trampoline in the world according to


With or without trampoline springs, which one is better

With or without trampoline springs, which one is better

In the world of today, there are two major kinds of trampolines that are available; spring-based and trampolines without springs.

Many people are not so sure of whether they should buy a trampoline with springs or a trampoline without springs.

In this article I will discuss the two types of trampolines so that you find it easy to choose the best trampoline for you and your family.

*Spring based trampolines *

Trampolines with springs, also referred to as conventional or traditional spring based trampolines are those that use the springs to attach the jumping mat to the metal frame.

Advantages of spring-based trampolines

The pads on the spring based trampolines protect from the trampoline users from injury and you don’t have to worry about you or your children getting injured by hitting the frame. The material used to make the frame pads are very shock absorbent.

A trampoline with many springs have a higher bounce performance and this makes trampolining an enjoyable fun and healthy experience.

In case the springs wear out, they can easily be removed and be replaced.
Spring based trampoline enclosures use steel poles which have trampoline foam sleeves to fasten net to the trampoline.

The foam sleeves cushion and pads the steel enclosure poles. The steel poles protect jumpers from getting hurt in case they bump onto the enclosure poles.

Easy to clean and maintain

Trampolines without springs

As the name suggests, they are trampolines that don’t have the exposed springs. Rods are used instead of springs and a soft padding around the perimeter with this trampoline.

Advantages of trampolines without springs

They eliminate the impact areas that cause almost 90% of trampoline related injuries. This is because the coiled springs and tubular frames are no longer a part of the trampoline. There is no fear of a trampoline user falling through the gaps and getting injured

They have hidden soft frame. The frame is well beneath the jumping surface and the possibility of a jumper hitting it is almost 0%. Its flexible composite rods also lie beneath the jumping surface and out of harm’s way.

The trampolines’ soft edge mat is very shock absorbent. Every edge of this trampoline becomes safer for the children. This trampolines’ safety net enclosure uses flexible net rods to cushion jumpers and prevent falls. It absorbs the impact of the body falling against it.

It uses elastic bands hold the trampoline mat to the frame. The elastic bands have an added advantage in the sense that they make trampoline experience much more fun as you get to achieve higher bounces.
And in addition the completely softer trampoline area will remove the danger of strains and springs

Easy to clean and maintain


The information I have given you above should by now help you to decide on whether to buy a trampoline without springs or the spring based trampoline.

No matter which type of trampoline you decide to buy, always ensure that you will inspect it before use for safety purposes. I hope you find it easy in choosing the perfect trampoline for you and your family.

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