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Era of Explainer Videos - Phoeniixx Designs

Usage of an animated explainer video for communication is that it lets you present a visualization of your complex concept with the help of one or more personified characters.

5 Must-Haves for an Animated Whiteboard Video to be Effective

The complexity of information has increased like never before. Hence, a need for presenting complex information in a simpler manner, has arised. An animated Whiteboard Video gives an opportunity to put across a complex concept in a much comprehensible manner than any other static presentation technique.

Explainer Video Script: There is More to it Than Just Words

Writing The Script A lot of us think, that writing an explainer video script is something, anyone with decent writing skills could do. This, unfortunately, is not true. Think of it this way- does a person really become a photographer, just because he owns a high end camera? Of course not!

Storytelling: Why it's Essential For Your Explainer Video

A Prevailing Misconception About Video Communication There is this misconception that has been prevailing, that your marketing message/idea would automatically sell just because it has been presented in a video format. There is no denying that video is a powerful medium of communication. But, unfortunately, it isn't new anymore.

4 Uses of Explainer Videos For Promoting Business

With so much information available on the net, reading elongated text to completely understand a particular business' offering could be an overwhelming process. When reading online, people tend to switch between multiple tabs and so, their attention is divided. Even a small distraction prevents a message from sinking into their memories.

5 Reasons Why Character Animated Explainer Videos Make Your Brand Lovable

Ok, so everyone has been talking about how Character Animated Explainer Videos have become a superhit online marketing tool and how placing these on landing page of your website could magically improve your brand recall and could propel your website rank on popular search engines.But what really are the 'hidden' reasons that make these Character...

6 Affordable Explainer Video Styles And How To Pick One For Your Business

With so many explainer video formats available, one is sure to get confused when trying to identify the most suitable format for communicating about a particular business entity. Here is a list of affordable animated explainer video formats and the communication purposes each is fit to solve best, by the virtue of its unique style.

How to Choose an Explainer Video Production Company For Your Startup

Deciding to get an explainer video is much easier than choosing an explainer video production company that could beautifully metamorphose your message/concept into a memorable and engaging explainer video. So that you could wisely choose a video production company for your business, here is a list of parameters that would help you in evaluating explainer video production companies.