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Parenting Tips on Pregnancy, Child Nourishment and Brain Development

Parenting tips on providing 100% nourishment for your kids and improve brain development through various indoor and outdoor activities, healthy and delicious "kid- friendly" recipes. Also, includes pregnancy tips and how to's.

100% Nourishment Tips

Give your child the 100% nourishment he need from healhty nutriblends from the food pyramid that supports proper nutirion and child ddevelopment.

Pregnancy Milestones: Your 9-Month Diary

Health check: You may continue to get food cravings, or suddenly hate your favorite food. But if you find yourself craving for chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate sauce every day, it's best to try a healthier substitute that is just as yummy, like fresh fruit dipped in melted chocolate. The nine-month journey with your baby is full of exciting changes. Here's a list of lovely events and developments to expect, and the things you need to do to make sure your pregnancy goes smoothly, from the first month to the last.

Managing Sweets in the Household

Sugar is needed by the body, but should be taken in moderation. You can see this clearly illustrated in the Food Pyramid, that can serve as a helpful guide on the amount of food from different food groups needed by your child. Almost every child has a sweet tooth and controlling their consumption of anything sweet can be difficult, especially for picky eaters. Get tips on how you can control your child's cosumption of sweet food.

Your Child's Brain Development

Parenting tips and suggestions on how you can help bring out the best in your child, especially with holistic brain development.

Nourishing Your Child's Attitude Towards Food

Your child's positive attitude towards food will help him develop healthy eating habits that he can take with him as he grows older. Here are some steps you can take so that your 100% effort can mean so much more for your child's nutirition and development.

Preparing for a Mini-Picasso: How to Prepare Your Baby for Art

Art toys, art materials and art activities are good investments for your child. Not only do they help improve visual acuity, art can also help them be more visually critical, creative, expressive and adept at spatial reasoning. Some experts even claim that art can be beneficial to a child's future academic standing.