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100 ways to be happy at home

A list of link and photos with all the tips and guidance related to how to be happy at your home.

5 Feng Shui Tips to be Positive, Successful

As the adage goes that a man is known by his friends, similarly one's home is the mirror of one's life. This is one of the Feng Shui principles which universally hold to be true. It has been observed that many miracles and magical things do happen when one aligns one's life energies, habits in tune with the cosmic energy and gets more organized.

Follow these tips to be happier at home

Happiness is something that we all seek for and home is a place which is supposed to be sweet and be the centre of our happiness. The environment of the home shapes our mood and influences our outlook of life.

Quick Vastu Tips for every Householder | TGS Layouts Official Blog

Vastu is an ancient science based on the five elements namely Earth, Water, Fire, Space and Wind and the directions which is the constituent of virtually every substance that we see around us.

Vastu Shastra tips to alleviate negative energy from your home entrance

We can not destroy negative energy from the whole world but certainly we can prevent them from entering into our home. These few tips took from the experts of vastu sashtra to protect your home entrance so that no negative energy will enter to your home.

Do's and don't of landscaping by TGS Layouts

Who doesn’t want people to gaze at your garden while crossing the street!! People like the way how your house looks like from the street and that reflects the …

Home Decorating Ideas with Rock and Pebbles

Make your own arts and crafts decors in your apartments or flat with rocks and pebbles with beautiful waterfalls and god's idols etc.

Ways to increase your wealth through Feng Shui

In this world every on has a wish to increase their property or money. Here are some tips and points follow at your home these to grow the wealth.