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Headline for Pet Reporters Cat Newsletter Issue 4
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Pet Reporters Cat Newsletter Issue 4

Pet Reporters Cat Newsletter Issue 4

Biker Cares for Injured Kitten on Cross Country Trip - Pet Reporters

Pat Doody was riding from Nevada to New Jersey when he found an injured kitten in need of help at a truck stop. The warm-hearted motorcyclist tucked the kitten in his vest and continued on his trip all the while taking care of the poor kitten..See more...

25 Hints Your Aloof Cat Could Possibly Love You - Pet Reporters

Cats are always getting bad press for their aloof ways. That cats don't really need you seems to be the conclusion that scientists have arrived at...Read the story here.

Hot Men and Cats - Pet Reporters

OMG, you have to see this Tumblr blog with pictures of absolutely HOT men juxtaposed against pictures of extremely adorable cats...Click here for the story.

Stunning Black and White Photography of Beautiful Cats - Pet Reporters

We love these black and white photographs shot by artistic cat photographer Monika Malek, who is well-known for her adorable cat photography. See the photos here.

Daily Life of Your Cat Revealed in its Secret Diary - Pet Reporters

Have you ever wondered what your cat's diary would look like? Click here to see its secret diary.

Psychedelic Pictures of Galactic Cats - Pet Reporters

We really enjoy looking at these cool psychedelic pictures of galactic kitties by artist Jen Bartel. See her illustrations of space kitties here.

Cats vs Zombies in Quest to Save Kitten - Pet Reporters

Do you fancy watching a ridiculous Cat Vs Zombies video? If you do, click here to watch video.

Cats and their Doppelgangers - Pet Reporters

Wahahah, we really love these funny photos of cats and their look alikes! Click here for more side splitting cat laughs!