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The Gotta Get Out Movies of 1985

September 13, 1985 is the day in Like You Like It when our characters escape the confines of the school hall for the fun of the Arden Mall. They must have been feeling the "Gotta Get Out" zeitgeist of 1985 - so many movies told stories of great adventures, of getting lost in a new world and various kinds of escapes. What are your favorite "Gotta Get Out" movies?

After Hours

In a pre-cell phone world with busted payphones, Griffin Dunne needs to make a call. Catherine O'Hara is there to "help" in Martin Scorsese's comedy.

Desperately Seeking Susan

When it comes to air-dryers, this movie is iconic, with Dana Carvey's Opportunity Knocks as a close second.


Witness is a movie starring Patti LuPone. It also has a subplot about Harrison Ford as her brother living in an Amish community.

Lost in America

After seeing this movie starring Albert Brooks and Julie Hagerty, you will never use the words "nest" and "egg" in the same sentence.

The Sure Thing

A movie that dares to ask the question "Who invented liquid soap and why?" John Cusack and Daphne Zuniga encounter a pre-Bull Durham Tim Robbins as Gary Cooper, "but not the one who's dead."

The Goonies

#5 Shows one of Corey Feldman's special skills.

Back To The Future

There are so many scenes to choose from, we figured the trailer was a good overview. If you have favroties that are left out, leave them in the comments below.

Return To Oz

Which is more terrifying? One of the many Friday the 13th sequels in the 80s or this scene from Return to Oz? #Wheelers

Pee-wee's Big Adventure

Tell 'em you-know-who sent you…

Spies Like Us

With the pairing of SNL alums Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd and an appearance by one half of the most famous traveling duo, Spies Like Us is a comic gem.

The Trip to Bountiful

This movie featured Geraldine Page, whom F. Murray Abraham dubbed the greatest actress in the English language when he presented her Oscar®.

"Gotta Get Out" From Like You Like It

With Taylor Rathus, Patrick Shelton, Aaron Riesebeck, Cj Pawlikowski, Emily Rogers, Chandler Reeves, Sam Heldt and Elisabeth Ness LIKE YOU LIKE IT Because It's Totally Shakespeare's 450th Birthday April 23, 2014 - 54 Below • Music by Dan Acquisto, Lyrics by Sammy Buck