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Updated by Alison Bateson on Sep 24, 2015
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Top Teen Stores




This my favorite store ever because it has really nice clothes that I like and wear a lot. It has a kids and adult section also.

American Eagle

This is my second favorite store, but it could easily be my first.
I have a lot of clothes from here but its only in the mall.

Old Navy

This is my favorite store and I usually get all my winter clothes from here because they are very warm and comfy.

Charlotte Russe

This is my forth favorite store, I get all of my skirts from here and I have a few dresses from here also.




This is my fifth favorite store, I have a few graphic tees from here but that's it. My sister used to shop here a lot but she doesn't that much any more.




This is my sixth favorite store and I also only have a few graphic tees from here, but i still like it.


This is my seventh favorite store, I used to get shirts from here but i don't really shop here a lot but its still a good store.


This is my eighth favorite store, my sister really likes the jeans from here, I don't shop here a lot but I hear a lot of good things about it.

Abercrombie & fitch

This is my ninth favorite store, I see a bunch of people wearing shirts from here but I don't shop here but it seems popular.

Forever 21

This my tenth favorite store, This is my sisters favorite store but I don't like it because my sister takes forever to shop in here because they have so many clothes.