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Indian Cuisine and Vegetarian Recipes

If you love cooking and wish to create a magnificent dish for your friends and family get an insight in Indian vegetarian recipes and cuisine with A to Z Food Recipes.

Indian Veg Fried Rice - A to Z Food Recipes

Learn recipe for veg fried rice. Veg fried rice recipe is one of the favorite recipes of Indo-Chinese and also it can actually be a healthy side dish or main course.

Palak Paneer Recipe From A to Z Food Recipes

Palak Paneer is a traditional dish in Northern India and it plays a vital part of Punjabi cuisine. Quick and easy recipe cooked in palak paneer

Paneer Butter Masala Best Recipe And Easy To Cook

I am very fond of paneer dishes and this recipe is best for paneer lovers. Punjabi saag paneer butter is one of the most popular recipes in Indian cooking paneer.

How To make Stabilized Whipped Cream - A to Z Food Recipes

Find the recipe sweetened whipped cream. Whipped cream is often flavored with sugar, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, orange, etc.

Easy To Make Peanut Butter Pie - A to Z Food Recipes

Find the recipe to make delicious peanut butter pie. Easy to make and step by step guide from A to Z Food Recipes.

Fresh Indian Tomato Soup A to Z Food Recipes

A simple, homemade soup made with fresh tomatoes. A to Z Food Recipes simple homemade soup is really easy to make and big on flavor.

Easy Black Forest Cake Recipe

Get the recipe for black forest cake. A to Z Food Recipes delivers a classic version of the original Black Forest cake.

Quick and easy recipe chana masala. This spicy, hearty Indian recipe is a popular Punjabi dishes normally served with bhatura.

GulabJamun Recipe WithKhoya (Mawa)

GulabJamun is one of the treats you can prepare for almost any occasion. Yes, you can now make India's favourite sweet in the comfort of your home simply.

A Famous Restaurant Dish Kadai Paneer

Kadai paneer is another famous Punjabi dish and favorite dish of many paneer lovers. It goes well with chapati with tadka dal. Know how easy to prepare it.

How To Make A Rainbow Cake Easy

Get beautiful rainbow cake recipe is bang on trend and surprisingly easy to do. Extremely popular among bakers and if you're a cake lover like me, it has definitely laid eyes on it.

PavBhajee- A Famous Street Food Of Mumbai

Since I know how to make Pav Bhaji was not hard to miss. This is one of the hottest selling fast food and street food of Mumbai. Know how to prepare easily.

The delicious enjoyed exclusively by the kings of ancient food is now a few minutes of cooking away. Here is the prescription. It is very rich and, therefore, a luxury.

A Recipe For Coconut Chutney By A to Z Food Recipes

Coconut chutney is a great accompaniment to dishes of South India. This is a perfect garnish for hot idly / dosa. Tempering with coconut oil enhances the flavor.

MalaiKofta Recipe Restaurant Style

Malaikofta rich and creamy delights almost all vegetarians. This is a popular North Indian dish consisting of paneer balls float a creamy sauce.

GajarkaHalwa is a traditional Punjabi sweet dish made with carrots and milk. Get the traditional way to make the recipe gajar (carrot) halwa no shortcuts.

Homemade Pizza Sauce By A to Z Food Recipes

An extremely delicious pizza sauce low in carbohydrates addresses fully illustrated with a simple recipe all. You never have to buy new pizza sauce.

Indian Cooking Tips And Secrets From A to Z Food Recipes

If you listen to these tips for cooking Indian food your guests will truly be wowed by your great cooking skills at your next dinner party.

India, you can even say the mother of taste. So here you go people for some tips how food is cooked in India.