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Prostate Seed Institute

As the founder and medical director of the Prostate Seed Institute Dr. Gregory A. Echt. His vision to provide the most modern treatment, non surgical treatments for prostate cancer in various locations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth continues to succeed. Now date, he has made a therapy for prostate implantation seed at over 2,500 men, including urologists and oncologists.

Prostate cancer is a serious disease, but it has a serious survival rate for those who are able to have it detected and treated early.

The diagnosis of prostate cancer can be confirmed only by a biopsy. A biopsy is the surgical removal of tissue samples, while under local anesthesia, drugs or substances that cause a loss of feeling or awareness, in a doctor’s office.

Prostateseedinstitute Facts

Prostate cancer is a prevalent cancer diagnosis in American men, with approximately 230,000 men receiving their own diagnosis this year in the U.S. alone.

What are Prostate Cancer Grades and Stages?

Prostate cancer is identified through a biopsy of prostate tissue. Once a tissue sample is taken through biopsy, it is examined under a microscope by a pathologist.

If you have a prostate, you are at risk for developing prostate cancer; which means, of course, that there is risk for all men.

Prostate cancer is typically a slow-growing disease and, therefore, does not result in the development of any symptoms, especially in the early stages.

Prostate cancer sacreening involves testing for prostate cancer in men who have no symptoms of the disease nad this helps in finding cancer at an early stage.

Treatment at Prostate Seed Institute

Prostate Seed Institute’s founder is Dr. Gregory Echt, a leading radiation oncologist has professionally committed his life to providing cancer patients with the most effective treatments available.

Prostate Cancer News and Radioactive Seed Implants

Radioactive seed implants are a form of radiation therapy for prostate cancer. Learn here for latest news and information.

Prostate Cancer Articles and Information From Prostate Seed Institute

Read about prostate cancer symptoms, survival rates, stages, treatment and causes. Prostate Seed Institute is dedicated to providing the best treatments with the latest cancer news and information.

Treatment Choices For Men With Early-Stage Prostate Cancer

Many doctors determine a man's treatment options not just on its stage. At Prostate Seed Institute, we're committed to providing our patients with the comprehensive cancer care and personal support they deserve.

Prostate Oncology Specialists in Texas Dr. Gregory Echt

Symptoms of prostate cancer may be very similar, some other prostate conditions. If you have prostate cancer and have questions about your next move, talk to Dr. Gregory Echt.

External Beam Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy

External radiation therapy uses beams of high-energy X-rays to treat prostate cancer. Normal prostate cells can repair damage far more effectively than the cells of prostate cancer radiation.

Prostate Cancer Facts, Research and Information From Prostate Seed Institute

According to research, men with low-risk cancer only chose surveillance 7-14 percent of the cases examined between 1990 and 2009. Get Detailed information from Prostate Seed Institute.

Prostate Cancer Treatment and Curing Options From Prostate Seed Institute

New treatment of prostate cancer may eliminate the disease from nine out of ten men without debilitating side effects. Learn about treatment options, how the treatment is performed with Prostate Seed Institute.

Worried About Prostate Cancer? It’s often easy for men to brush off the early warning signs of potential prostate cancer, telling themselves it’s just normal aging and enlarging of this particular gland. Learn more here.

Treatment of Prostate Cancer - Prostate Seed Institute

Prostate Cancer Treatments - Prostate brachytherapy incident in Philadelphia may have been caused in part by inadequate quality control.

Prostate Cancer Facts, Treatment and Therapy - Prostate Seed Institute

Discover the latest prostate cancer treatment options with Prostate Seed Institute. Dr. Echt will be glad to discuss options for treating your cancer. Call our main scheduling office at 214.379.2700 today for your appointment.

Prostate Cancer Treatment and Bone Health - Prostate Seed Institute

Find a Cancer Treatment Center. Oncologists at Prostate Seed Institute offer a wide array of advanced technology treatment options for prostate cancer patients.

Radioactive Seed Implants From Prostate Seed Institute

Find out what to expect during the procedure. Prostate seed implantation is one of the best options. "Men don't have to have major surgery or other time-consuming and difficult procedures in order to effectively treat prostate cancer.

Radioactive seed implants are a method of radiation therapy for prostate cancer treatment. Prostate seed implantation allows for all of these achievements and is fast becoming one of the best ways to treat prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer - Radioactive Seed Implants

Permanent Radioactive Seed Implants for Prostate Cancer. Dr. Gregory Echt and his team is dedicated to treatment of prostate cancer with vast experience.

Know about effectiveness of modern radiation treatment of prostate cancer. The results of a multiyear study by British Columbia Cancer Agency physician Dr. Scott Tyldesley support this stance in regard to low-dose brachytherapy, or seed therapy.

Proton therapy for prostate cancer treatment is an option, which involves using a focused particle beam of protons to destroy cancerous tissue. Read Here for the details.

During Prostate Cancer - Keeping Your Bones Strong – Prostate Seed Institute

Radiation therapy be able to help reduce bone pain, specially if the pain is limited to one or only a few areas of bone. Radiation can be aimed at tumors on the spine, which be able to help reduce pressure on the spinal cord in some cases.

  • Dr. Gregory A Echt and his team at the Prostate Seed Institute offer the extremely refined methods of radiation therapy available in the United States, equal to that initiate in major medical center and academic settings. These contain prostate seed implantation, high dose radiation implants, and external beam radiation with image-guided and strength modulated (IGRT and IMRT) capabilities.

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