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Home Remodeling Techniques

Turning your house beautiful

Your e-learning guide with creative answers to your most common bath decorating problems.

home repair solutions

One of the first decisions you are going to have to make is whether to do the job yourself or hire a contractor to do the renovating. Think this out, thoroughly evaluate and weight the time, money and experience factors that will greatly affect your bath restoration project.

Interior Design Ideas

Small bathroom remodeling has gone from simply a room with a bath to extravagant interior concept ideas. Hollywood popularized the trend of designing your own bathroom by showing big screen stars lounging in lavishly designed bathing areas surrounded by elegant marble and other sumptuous bath accessories that the common public had never seen before and now wanted in droves.

Home design product reviews

You Need to Buy New Stuff... So What do You do Now? Here at Bathroomguru Review we explore the top-rated products and accessories to make the most cost-effective improvements to your bathroom. We look at the best websites comparing functionality, service and product selection. [Read More...]

Bath restoration advice

Creating a checklist can help you determine if your ideas are doable and how much of an upgrade you can really afford. Next make a visual floor plan either using graph paper or a 3D remodeling software program.

Home design trends

With bathroom decorating trends, however, most people these days are not remodeling their bathrooms on the basis of resale value. The new swing in attitude seems to be, "Why relocate when you can renovate your bathroom!"

Creative home based planning

i) What is the area of the bathroom? ii) Who will use it? Children, guests, you, two people or the whole family? iii) What are the fixtures you would like to install? (Shower cubicle, jets, tub, vanity etc) iv) Which parts of the bathroom you plan to revamp?

Tools for household innovations

Your first instinct may be to purchase the cheapest tools that you can find, but as most construction professionals will tell you, your work is only as good as

Selecting perfect tub

Many people decide to purchase a new bathtub for their home for various reasons. You may be remodeling or changing a bathroom in a new home you are buying. Whatever the reason the search for that perfect tub can be a tough one.

To create the perfect bathroom, everything around you should be pleasant to your eyes and evoke an atmosphere of satisfaction in order to reach maximum comfort. Therefore, when you have decided to take on a bathroom renovation project you should think over everything up to the smallest details.

With several design platforms to choose from starting with the century old Victorian bathroom that were characterized by claw-footed roll top baths, sculpted pedestal basins, free standing showers enclosures and sometimes a matching bidet. Today's modern bathrooms are depicted by the ever changing styles from year-to-year.

Retro design and décor

We have all heard the saying "what old is new again" but how does this apply to your bathroom and what is the allure of these retro trends in bathroom design and décor? Is it cool to funk up your washroom with designs from the 1800's or even earlier, classical Roman or Greek architecture and retrofitted fixtures of the period.

Home steam room and sauna

An efficient sauna ventilation system is an important component of a properly working home sauna. Whether you operate your sauna as a wet steam room or you use dry, infrared heat, you should ventilate the area with a system that allows several complete air changes every hour.

Before even thinking about a specific light fixture for your home, it is important to first decide what function the fixture will play in your lighting scheme. There are three basic types of lighting to choose from: ambient, task, and accent. The light fixture you choose will depend on what type of lighting you need.

Unique residential decorating

Vanities are your frequent companion in preparing yourself for the day. There are varieties of style for vanities. Bathroom vanities and cabinets can create a style in your bathroom. An ordinary bathroom can come alive by setting a bathroom design. Bathroom vanity is the centerpiece of the bathroom.