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Technologies Updates and News

Read about software development, website development, digital marketing, elearning development, technologies updates, news and more.

Online Course Development - Qualities an Instructional Designer should Possess

With more companies creating courses for training , compliance etc., the attention is shifted to the instructional designer who has the task of putting all the raw material together to come up with a course which is not only engaging but ticks off the boxes for the learning outcomes.

How Do You Engage Your Online Learners

Remember, they are sitting in front of the computer and learning, in most cases by themselves with no interaction with a face to face trainer who will engage the learner with stories, brainstorming exercises, role playing etc.

4 Questions to ask about your eLearning Course Target Audience

Developing an eLearning course that is well written, informative and offers high quality design elements is key to an eLearning course turning out to be a success. But, all the countless hours spent planning, adding visuals, adding fancy graphics, adding voice is worthless if you do not understand your target audience.

How to Create an Interesting Online Learning Course

Check the following infographic that will explain you how to develop an interesting online learning course for your online learners.

Examples of Good Learning Outcomes in Online Course Development

Learning Outcomes is a description of what students will be able to demonstrate after going through the course. Therefore online course development, activities and assessments must be aligned with the learning outcomes.

Checking your elearning course before you hit the send button

Despite great content and graphics, things can go wrong. Below, we have listed a few points to consider which may save you time and money. It could also mean more business for you or losing clients and not knowing why!

How to Convince Your Staff That Online Courses Can Be Beneficial For Their Continuous Growth

While these are unfounded fears, you may encounter hesitation among your employees when you offer them online learning courses. Fortunately, you can overcome their hesitation by keeping these tips in mind.

How to Add Innovation to your eLearning Course Development by reducing Bullet Points

We will show you examples of how we have reduced bullet points (you can never totally remove them as some content still does require bullet points) and instead presented the content in a more visual way.

Use Images Wisely to Match Emotions in Custom Course Development

We will show you some examples of how you can use images wisely. Please note that it is essential you use images to match the emotions of the course appropriately. If used out of context, you will confuse the learner and build false expectations as they move along the course. Also, you must never forget yourtarget audience because images can trigger unexpected emotions in the eLearning audience.

Despite the popularity of online learning among tech-savvy and learning-savvy people, many still have doubts about online courses. These doubts have translated into myths that should be busted before these cause more people to turn away from online learning and, in the process, miss out on great opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Secrets of a Successful Instructional Designer

Secrets of a successful instructional designer – These 5 secrets of a successful instructional designer will help you succeed at elearning course development.

History of Learning Management System (LMS)

Online learning has become more popular today, and Learning Management System (LMS) help to administer, document, report, deliver and track online training programs and education courses. Elearning includes numerous types of media that deliver text, audio, images, animation, and steaming video, and includes technology applications and processes such as audio or video tape, satellite TV, CD-ROM, and computer-based learning, as well as local intranet/extranet and web-based learning.

Ecommerce Trends in 2015

2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year for e-commerce! The new kids on the block including new applications, websites and players are strengthening the competitive spirit that pervades the industry and, in the process, benefiting the consumers.

Ecommerce Shopper’s Behaviour and How to Motivate them to Purchase

Understanding the customer is the prime priority goal for any retailer, that is, offline and online both. Since the immense growth of Internet, online shopping has become very popular.

Approximately 44-51% of businesses do not have their own website, and unfortunately, this means that they are missing huge profit potential. Many business decisions start with search engines today, and if you do not have your own website, you are only reaching about 7% of your market.

Web Design Clients – Get Rid Of the Tech Jargon

There are some common terms used in Web Design. We will explore two examples below and show you how to clearly explain terms to your clients to avoid frustration and confusion.

You Are Doing It Wrong – Optimise Your Website Speed or Risk Losing Clients

You’ve set up your website with the right web designing, content and SEO techniques which slowly builds an audience for your blog with a steady flow of regular visitors. After some time, you notice that despite doing everything right, things are dropping.

Website Quality Checklist: Are You on the Right Track

You’re finalising the web development process and you want to make sure that the website you’re about to launch will become an instant hit. Working with yourweb design company on the finishing touches and making sure that the development corresponds to search engine and visitor requirements will both be essential.

5 Beautiful Web Designs – Colour is of the essence

What role does colour play in web design? Can it determine the effectiveness of the message and the manner in which it’s perceived? Through the years, we’ve figured out that colour is one of the biggest web design essentials.

Enterprise Mobility – What, Why & the Challenges!

Enterprises are adopting technology at a rapid pace. Employee and Stakeholders are increasingly interacting on their mobile devices while on the move.

10 Essential Tips to Designing and Developing Websites

There are innumerable ways in which a website can achieve the required rankings and conversions for their business. Starting from the right SEO strategies to appealing content to attractive website design, and many more, businesses now need only the right mix to make an impact on the audience and Google altogether. 

Social Media Campaign Help – Facts & Information

Social media is THE CHANNEL in 2015 - Facebook ads demand will significantly increase, Twitter’s business ads will gain popularity, An essential for Image based online marketing will be Instagram, LinkedIn will yet again dominate as a B2B social media platform, Since Social media is big we have created an Infographic which will help your campaign.

Top SEO Errors E-Commerce Websites Often Make

Unfortunately, many online merchants believe that simply listing products on an e-commerce website will result in plenty of website traffic and excellent profits. If you do not pay attention to good search engine optimisation (SEO) for your e-commerce site, it can cost you in the long run. Optimising an e-commerce site for the search engines takes a lot of work, and it is harder than dealing with SEO for company websites or blogs.

9 Powerful Ecommerce Tips and Advice for Search Engine Optimisation

When you decide to set up an ecommerce website to sell services or products, a fancy website will not help at all if no one is able to find your website. In most cases, if your site isn’t present on the first search page of the search engines, most people won’t find your website. This is why Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is so important. 

How to Survive Online

It takes a special skill to start a website and help it thrive. Professionals at Australian SEO Services understand there’s a second language when working with computers, even when it is posting articles on a site. SEO vocabulary is not one of the things most people consider when they start a blog or online business.