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Updated by Chris Bateson on Sep 07, 2015
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Traditional Enterprise Leveraging the Benefits of Modern Technology

Gone are the days when the companies used to follow primitive and traditional approach. Instead they are now concentrating on going to digital mode implementing ultra modern technologies that have the capability to help drive more profit, encourage growth and generate success.

Digital Transformation and the Changing Enterprise | IT Briefcase

Featured article by Anatoly Belaychuk, BPM Evangelist at Comindware Volatility of today's business landscape is unprecedented: it is harder than ever to stay on top and win a lasting competitive advantage. Due to the Digital Disruption, it is now virtually impossible to develop a business model, cast it into the concrete of an ERP system and leverage highly optimized processes for years.

The key to business excellence is to properly exploit technological trends, which means that the risks of investing into these new technologies must also be identified. Companies which have the right instruments to monitor these trends and make the right strategic adjustments can become so-called Digital Enterprises, which are likely to survive, exceed their competitors and make a profit.

Technology without boundaries has revolutionised the way people work, play and do business, as organisations and their customers have dispersed across the world, unhindered by actual physical location. From cloud services and web-scale IT to the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, advanced analytics and smart machines, boundaries between technologies have been broken down, creating vast new opportunities for business.

Four Ways to Convert a Conventional Business Into a Digital Organizations

Technology has become a driving factor of profitability and market differentiation in every industry. Modern technology has facilitated the enterprises to grow and prosper in hard and fast manner. Organizations are not recommended as primitive enterprise rather they have been transformed into a digital organizations.

Why Businesses are Migrating from Traditional to Digital Approach

In present scenario many non-technical savvy enterprise are facing loss. This is because of the lack of modern technologies being used. This ultimately forces the organizations to concentrate on the use of latest technology in their work to achieve desired goals more accurately & on faster basis.

The Enterprise Transformation Conundrum

Everywhere you turn these days, companies are being challenged to transform, innovate and think like a designer. The problem is it's not an easy undertaking to change the way a large organization operates. Real initiative gets bogged down in politics, hierarchical thinking and institutional inertia. Change requires more than inspiration.